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    Your tax dollars at work

    Last year Calvert County removed all the trees along PF Blvd and replaced the sidewalk. The roots of the trees was damaging the sidewalk. Today, there is a company planting trees along PF Blvd where the ones were removed.
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    Roussan Etienne Jr

    This man has no respect!!! Last week at the memorial service for the EMS Captain's (NBVFD) line of duty death memorial service, he was going around the parking lot putting his campaign literature on all the vehicles. While everyone is remembering and paying their respects for someone who died...
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    What's next

    A Texas police officer ambushed earlier this week. Last night 2 Prince George's firefighters shot, one succumbed to the injuries, other in critical condition.
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    Stars and Bars

    What is everyone's view on removing the Confederate flag from displays?
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    Lost dog Prince Frederick

    At approximately 5:45 this evening a small Shih Tzu had been picked up from the Petco store in Prince Frederick by the foster parents. The dog slipped out of his collar and ran away heading towards Route 4. As he crossed Route 4, he was clipped by a car tumbled and continued running. He was...
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    New Tax Calvert

    The county commissioners are sending a proposed tax to Annapolis to be put in place. This is a "water tax" proposed by the Department of Water and Sewer. According to what I read, if you are NOT on public water and sewer you will be taxed for water. They are saying that if you have a fire the...
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    Duck Dynasty

    What is everyone's thought on A&E's suspension of Phil Robertson? The boys say they don't see the show continuing without their father.
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    Operation Slowdown

    Calvert County Sheriff announced "Operation Slowdown" during the months of September and October. Starting September 16 Sheriff's Office Patrol Vehicles will be setting the pace for the flow of traffic on Route 4 from Dunkirk to Solomons and from Solomons to Dunkirk 3 to 4 times per day...