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  1. pelers

    Rip kdenise977

    Going to miss her, she was a wonderful woman. My heart breaks for her son and husband.
  2. pelers

    Women's march

    It's not all liberal BS. Trump has a rotten attitude towards women. He's shown that over and over with the foul words spewing out of his mouth. That is NOT okay. I do NOT want that attitude normalized, that's not something I want my daughter to grow up dealing with. He has been elected the...
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    I like it because Alexa is the only one in the house willing to answer the same question asked by my kids 50 times in a row. She never gets bored and neither do they.
  4. pelers

    Shows on Streaming Services

    Yeah, that's why we're (well, I'm, hubby is just rewatching with me) only up to episode 3. I swear that's how kids have so much energy, they suck it from the adults around them. We've all been doing 8pm bedtimes lately.
  5. pelers

    Shows on Streaming Services

    Game of Thrones is probably worth an HBO Go subscription. Hubby and I have been watching West World on HBO as well. Eff'd up. Sherlock (seasons 1-3 on Netflix) is good, but there's not tons to binge watch. Latest (and final?) season should still be available for streaming through PBS's...
  6. pelers

    8-year-old transgender boy barred from Cub Scouts

    7 year old boys have masculine interests? Okay, first off, whatever on the whole transgender thing. What makes me absolutely nuts is the idea that girls should only play with dolls and boys should only play with trucks. That anything else is deviant. I have a son and a daughter. They both play...
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    ISO Information Door to Door Scammers

    I hate the Capital Meats guys. They're insanely pushy. I won't open my door if I see them in the neighborhood.
  8. pelers

    Trump promises healthcare plan will offer ‘insurance for everybody'

    "Everybody" except those with pre-existing conditions, childhood cancer survivors (who likely hit lifetime caps before they graduated high school), etc.
  9. pelers

    The Women’s March on Washington isn’t just about Trump anymore

    I totally agree that family leave should be offered to both parents. However, women NEED the time off. Physically. We're nasty, bloody messes after giving birth. Yeah, we CAN go right back to work, but it'll likely cause lasting damage to our bodies from not giving them time to heal.
  10. pelers

    Student Loans

    As I recall, before accepting a student loan you are required to do some sort of "loan education program" which is a pretty quick and painless online multiple-choice question thing. I think it would be a lot more helpful if they were to revamp that. Run some fairly realistic numbers, you're in a...
  11. pelers

    Orthopedic recommendations

    We wound up having the surgery done down in SC before coming home. That was a fun history to explain. Broke in Texas, surgery in South Carolina, follow on care in Maryland.
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    Is there any bread left in the stores? I'm down to half a loaf and my toast monsters will have all the sads if I make them eat cereal instead. Tragic.
  13. pelers

    Is the school partially liable??

    I don't think I'd expect the school to pick up the out of pocket medical costs (never hurts to ask, I suppose), but requesting that they fix his locker is certainly reasonable.
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    I'm pretty confident I could easily find a new job if I were to lose mine. The thing that scares the bejeebers out of me is if what if the base were to close? What do I do with my house? Base closes, everybody leaves, nobody is going to want to buy a house here for anywhere near what I paid for...
  15. pelers

    Orthopedic recommendations

    Husband broke his wrist last night (broke it really good) and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for an orthopedic doc in the area. We're in Lexington Park, but are willing to drive to be sure it gets fixed properly.
  16. pelers

    Lunch on base?

    Did McD's leave the picnic tables outside? Only a little nippy out...
  17. pelers

    Trying to Help Out a Friend

    Definitely have them go through their monthly expenses with a fine tooth comb. I'll be there's a lot of fat they can eliminate which would allow them a slightly higher budget for rent. Some ideas on things they could slim down/eliminate: -TV subscription -Reduce cell phone plans (or switch to a...
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    Interior handrails

    Exactly the info I was looking for, thank you!
  19. pelers

    Interior handrails

    I just glanced quickly at Lowe's website, but it looked liked the cost to replace was going to be in the hundreds. I'm going to take the ones that are currently up off, just trying to figure out if I should hold onto them or not for when it comes time to sell the house.