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  1. Anna264

    Cross Country Clinic - Harwood, MD

    I'm definitely interested! Probably 18" to 2'3" depending on which horse I'd bring. I'm sure at least one other person from my farm would be interested as well.
  2. Anna264

    amish market sale yesterday

    Where is this Amish sale? Is it held on a regular basis?
  3. Anna264

    Opening Hunt Delabrook

    De La Brooke I've been very interested in possibly joining this hunt... I hunted with Carrollton Hounds a couple years back. Are all of De La Brooke's fixtures in St. Mary's county? I live in Upper Marlboro... my biggest issue with Carrollton was the distance. It took me 2 hrs. to get to a...
  4. Anna264


    My horse contracted EPM about 5 years ago here in Maryland. Another horse at the same barn got it as well. Turns out there was a possum that would habitually sit in the (open) grain bin, munching on grain and no doubt pooping as well. I still think that's the most likely way for them to...
  5. Anna264

    Goat, other critter grazing land available

    I just bought a new farm that's 14 acres, off Rt. 301 in southern Upper Marlboro. 8 acres is pasture, the rest wooded. I plan to get a couple goats this fall, but have none thus far. I have a lot of underbrush and wooded areas that I could use goats to help clear out. If anyone needs grazing...