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  1. pelers

    Orthopedic recommendations

    Husband broke his wrist last night (broke it really good) and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for an orthopedic doc in the area. We're in Lexington Park, but are willing to drive to be sure it gets fixed properly.
  2. pelers

    Interior handrails

    What are the rules for having handrails on interior stairs in St Mary's county? Stairs are enclosed by drywall so you can't fall off the sides in any way. The ones the builder put in have insanely sharp corners, I've drawn blood more than once taking the corner too fast and I'm amazed my kids...
  3. pelers

    Dark Undereye Circles

    So what does everyone use for those lovely raccoon rings under their eyes? I bought some Neutrogena eye cream stuff for it last night, but just wanted to see what others had tried and what worked.
  4. pelers

    Companies storing credit card information without permission?

    I have a question. Are companies allowed to retain your credit card information without your permission? Here's the context: My husband and I have a rewards card with the new theater in Lexington Park. We never gave them credit card info when we signed up. I went to the movies tonight without...
  5. pelers

    Sliding Screen Door

    So I'd like to put a screen door on my patio door. Problem is the bottom rail on the slider is weird. I got the screen door from Lowes and with the current bottom rail in there it won't fit. I'm not sure if this piece is supposed to come out or what. My builder is bankrupt. The door...
  6. pelers

    Developmental Pediatrician

    I know we don't have any developmental pediatricians locally, but does anyone have experience with any? Or know if any have offices down this way? All of them seem to be in DC and further north. My son's pediatrician wants us to see a developmental pediatrician. He went through the school's...
  7. pelers


    So the munchkins are getting to the age where they've been attending birthday parties for others and are REALLY excited about their upcoming birthdays. Like, they ask me almost every day if it's their birthday yet. Their birthdays aren't until November and December. :doh: Anyway, what are...
  8. pelers

    Carpet and Counter Recommendations

    My parents are getting ready to sell their house and escape MD and need to replace their carpet and kitchen counters. They are in St Mary's county and are looking for some recommendations on contractors.
  9. pelers


    So, my daughter is now two. She's an amazingly articulate two; she speaks in full sentences and grasps concepts very well. I'm sure she's going to pick up on my swearing and be obnoxious enough to use the words perfectly. She's already getting sassy. How the hell do you keep a straight face...
  10. pelers

    Running cat5 cable

    We did some rearranging in my home recently so now the office is about as far away as you can get from the wireless router. The wireless signal to the new office stinks. I'm calling metrocast to get my modem moved to a more central location (not moving it to the new office because then the...
  11. pelers

    Dry Ice

    Where would a person purchase a small quantity of dry ice for Halloween? Looking in the Lexington Park area.
  12. pelers

    Furniture Haul Away

    Anyone know of a business that will haul away furniture? I have an incredibly heavy recliner couch in my basement that I want gone, but I don't have the manpower to get it out myself. It's in good shape and could be donated, I just don't want it anymore. It took us 4 or 5 people to get the damn...
  13. pelers

    Kids Activity Calendar

    In an effort to keep my munchkins entertained I put together a fairly cohesive calendar for public events in St. Mary's County and lower Calvert County. It's geared towards events that kids 5 and under would likely enjoy. I pulled from the calendar here, libraries, Annmarie Gardens, Calvert...
  14. pelers

    Wine & Design Review

    Attended a private party at the Wine & Design in Leonardtown last night and had a great time! The ladies coaching us on how to not paint like toddlers were fantastic and we all went home very happy with our paintings. Definitely something I'll be doing again!
  15. pelers

    Daycare Center Recommendation

    My 3yo son is on the list for base daycare. What I've been told is that if he's going to get in this year it will be in the August time frame as they move the school age kids up and reopen the old center. If he doesn't get in there I would still like to move him to a more structured daycare...
  16. pelers

    Hiding Threads

    Is there any way to hide a thread so I don't see it?
  17. pelers

    Separation Anxiety

    So I just started my daughter at a new daycare last week, she's 15m old and has just started the separation anxiety thing. Constantly clings to me, fusses if I so much as walk out of a room without her. She's not at all pleased with the new daycare, at least not when I drop her off. She...
  18. pelers

    Sick days

    So the oldest came down with that tummy bug. Fortunately daddy handled him during the pukey day. I stayed home with him yesterday and today. He's feeling much better and I have to say I've loved the time together. Seems like we haven't had any since the little girl was born. Might have to try...
  19. pelers

    cancer support for family

    Are there any local cancer support groups for family members of those diagnosed with cancer?
  20. pelers

    Toy Donations

    Any suggestions on where I can donate gently used toys? I left a message with the women's shelter (that was never returned) and just emailed the pregnancy crisis center to see if they were interested.