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  1. UglyBear

    An ode to So MD

    Just took the fam to St Mary’s City for some local history. As always, got caught up just taking in the beauty around us. Sat in the sand next to the river, looking over its expanse. Beautiful white clouds rolling by, lush greenery on the banks as far as the eye could see. Ospreys taking care...
  2. UglyBear

    Shout out to J2 Defense

    Just wanted to say something nice about a local Calvert Co business — J2 Defense. Very nice full profile gun shop, stocked really well for their size, with nice selection of firearms and ammo. What really sets them apart is the customer service — they are an absolute pleasure to visit and do...
  3. UglyBear

    Any "Back the Blue" marches in our area?

    Does anyone know of any upcoming "Back the Blue" events in our area? I saw that the last one was in Calvert in 2016 (?), nothing recently.
  4. UglyBear

    Did US join the wrong side in WWI?

    It being 100 some years since the Great War, I have been pondering... Did US join the wrong side in 1916? Several authors tried to play on this (Turtledove, other alt history masters). On the one hand, you have two multi-ethnic, multi-confessional countries, leaders in industry, science...
  5. UglyBear

    SoMD group trip to see Sabaton?

    Sabaton is touring! Sabaton is touring! So far, the date is Sept 9. Oh, and some other band, Jumas Prest? or something (who cares) is also playing. Ladies and gents, let's do a group SoMD trip to see them! (Sabaton -- Swedish heavy metal rock band, songs about war in general, and men...
  6. UglyBear

    Sand blasting old furniture?

    All, does anyone have a sand blasting setup? I love restoring old furniture (mostly sand down, repair what needs, repaint -- use!), and recently acquired several old wooden pieces that have too many beautiful turned parts to sand by hand (or with a power sander). If anyone has a sandblasting...
  7. UglyBear

    All those govs... they look weird

    Reading the latest news about governors that did draconian state shutdowns, it dawned on me... The male govs have something common among them -- they all look like cucks. PA gov, WI gov, CO gov... Same as our dear Frosh. Not a drop of testosterone among them. The female gov (MI) looks like...
  8. UglyBear

    Israeli plan for re-opening

    Just read something very logical and clear, unlike anything Kung Flu- related so far: Israel has a four-step process for re-opening the country after quarantine, with two weeks between each step...
  9. UglyBear

    NY Dems trying confiscations, with NG help

    So, Commie Cuomo just deployed National Guard to confiscate ventilators and "unused medical PPE", It seems these tin-pot dictators are using this to go...
  10. UglyBear

    Cat sanctuary at Bennett O. Hughes Memorial Tree Farm?

    We just went for a hike at the park, and there were little (what can you call them? boxes? tiny barns? cages?) all over the forest, with cat food and water dishes next to them. And this is a serious forest, mind you. A very nice gentleman, who volunteers there, told us it's a cat...