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  1. Scat

    Chicfila at St Charles mall

    10 am and there is a line on 301 to get in :faint:
  2. Scat


    Cooked up a pound of Kunzlers bacon this morning to make BLTs for a lunchtime picnic. Went to the front window to see what the animals were fussing about and returned to the kitchen. No bacon, just an empty plate. Think the dog signaled the outside critters to distract me?
  3. Scat

    Georgia gives up a law? How long before the others follow?
  4. Scat

    Riding horses is bad?

    So its ok to go to a state park for walking, biking, fishing etc. but not horseback riding? WTF does that have to do with the COVID-19? Sounds more like someone’s personal/political agenda vs, good for the people...
  5. Scat

    New rumor

    Anyone else heard NSWC Indian Head will be closing for two weeks?
  6. Scat

    Frickin governors

    Lets close down the state to make people panic less :doh: