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  1. GregV814

    a distant ship smoke on the horizon

    I have become, comfortably numb.
  2. GregV814

    the very smart SCRIPT READERS

    made light of the Presidents belief that a vaccine would be ready by the end of this year.... so, Im perplexed..
  3. GregV814

    Mr. Woo Hahn

    Folks, on this somber day, I am saddened to report that "Sonny" Woo Hahn was contacted by the Chinese Embassy the other day and informed that his student Visa expired three years ago and his rent was wayyyy past due. Therefore, he was being recalled to his native land. He tried to smooth things...
  4. GregV814

    defund police, transfer money to clubs, titty bars...

    watching the local news last night, (WJLA) the major focus was on distraught bar owners in the "U" street corridor of Northwest DC. They're asking/demanding federal and local funds to keep them "alive" industrywide. Their rents are overdue, employees unpaid, blah blah blah blah... So....maybe...
  5. GregV814

    Saturday, Annapolis burns!!! Guaran DAMN teed!
  6. GregV814

    have any of you....

    in the US Mail today, I received a news paper called the Epoc News, or something like that. I didnt subscribe to it, but in the fold was a subscription and mail envelope... It had a few interesting topical stories that I was impressed with...Certainly, it was NOT Washington Post, Baltimore Sun...
  7. GregV814

    how 'bout this!!

    Patagonia trolls Trump with hilarious clothing labels ... In hilariously 2020 news, outerwear company Patagonia have put a hidden message on some of their clothing tags, encouraging customers to vote this November. Patagonia, a company which has never been afraid of getting political, has taken...
  8. GregV814

    West Virginny come on man!!

    as we watch, the very smart, progressives gentrified inhabitants are slowly dismantling Virginias heritage, (right or wrong) by destroying statues, renaming highways , re-writing songs about its history...great.. So, West Virginia, not so much. Robert Byrd, a Grand Wizard of the KKK, and a...
  9. GregV814

    Joe is extremely happy!!

    someone told him He's going to be on Regis and Kathy Lee wednesday morning!!
  10. GregV814

    Reality (cough cough) Shows

    I saw a commercial for another "show" , 90 day whore or something, starring two sisters, Ashley and Stacey. My initial observation was, who are those sluts, the new generation Gabor sisters?? The appeal of a slutty Aaron Spelling daughter wouldn't be that strong for me , but I'm an old fart...
  11. GregV814

    The NFL can now be called the Nations Felons Losers heres the line up:

    in lieu of football, challengers to rape burn and pillage opponents city: Portland vs. San Fransisco Seattle vs. LA Austin City vs. the team from DC...
  12. GregV814

    Fairfax County BoE hacked /ransom

    not southern Md., but in due time....A hack organization called MAZE has hacked into FFX BoE, holding control for ransom. They will release grades, disciplinary actions as a teaser if ransom is not paid. How 'bout that.
  13. GregV814

    Those darn Mennonite Jews again...

    New video shows gunmen opening fire near Brooklyn public housing complex, killing one man and wounding two others
  14. GregV814

    Slovenian woman cut off her hand for insurance payout

    Dems blame TRUMP, Schiff empanels committee to investigate .
  15. GregV814

    I didnt know...

    that men had a need for "bush control", you can buy a specific razor, underwear and a carrying pouch for the bushmaster... who is the intended focus group and clientele? Porn stars, to make them look bigger?
  16. GregV814

    thats President Pelosi

    This may have been mentioned here and before, but its entirely plausible that because of countless lawsuits, much more asinine than "hanging chads"....there'll be no surrender by the that scenario, until mitigated and litigated, Madame wacko Pelosi is the head cheese....
  17. GregV814

    hey does anybody know...

    Im looking at a BMW 4 series coupe....what would really set it off is some Yosemite Sam mudflaps that say "back off",,, maybe some smiley face decals that say "have a good day" too I want quality stuff, JC Whitneys is out of business...
  18. GregV814

    Dont say it!!

    Newspaper reporter killed, decapitated in Mexico, local media reports
  19. GregV814

    Beatles song, "Baby you're a rich man"