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  1. SamSpade

    "Distraction" It's not the sour grapes - it's the idea that a peace treaty between two nations is somehow - inconsequential - while compared the the November elections. I'm hopeful...
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    Just got a new Dodge and it has this service called "UConnect" in it. Before I commit a nickel to using it - has anyone used it and found if it's worth it?
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    Cobra Kai

    Almost finished second season, binging with my wife. It is surprisingly good. While I loved the movies - ESPECIALLY the first, not so much any of the sequels - if you actually have never seen them, you won't get as much out of them. While they have originals such as Macchio (Danny), Zabka...
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    I love how it's Trump they call violent How is this not a threat? Andrew Cuomo - good luck to you if you think New...
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    First Day of School

    And what a cluster f it is - not one of my kids can get in. The smartest thing they all did? Reset everyone's passwords from last spring - and didn't tell us - and disabled the ability to RESET them. An hour into school and not one of my kids can get into the three DIFFERENT schools they go to.
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    Ok I have probably asked this before but as of earlier this week, our Atlantic Broadband/Metrocast whole house DVR crashed. ABB told us "oh sorry but we can't upgrade you to the new TiVo unless we just get you the ONE DVR - until the COVID is over". Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. They CAN'T...
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    So - where do we vote?

    I've been in and out of town, and I am not up to date with how voting is going to happen. Where do I find out?
  8. SamSpade

    Cases/Deaths per day vs. Cumulative Cases/Deaths

    I've been browsing around the Internet looking at hot spots and areas which are going down and areas not so fortunate - trying to see some correlation between increased testing and increased number of testing and I notice something that is - well - pointless. In looking at how bad the virus has...
  9. SamSpade

    What are the chances this will be on all the news? This is - unbelievable. Really. I guess my biggest concern is - NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Reagan wasn't the only person made of Teflon - everyone in...
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    Trump's recent EO's

    I'm looking at two of them - one is the payroll tax holiday. Is it actually a suspension of the tax for those making less than 100k? I've been to a few sites, mostly critical of it, so I don't know if this is something that I'm going to hate. I make above that but my wife makes below it - and...
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    Chromebook "Dark Mode"

    How do I turn the damned thing off? I'm ready to pitch the thing. Almost every help page either: Tells me how to do it in Windows 10 (which Chromebook doesn't run) or Switch a setting in Settings that does not appear on my machine. Even with pictures and videos, my searches turn up nothing...
  12. SamSpade

    Just got notice from Atlantic Broadband

    Still don't know how much it will go up - but pretty much every single line item will go up 2-5 apiece. I'm guessing a 30 dollar increase overall. I'm at my wit's end with these guys. I have to find an alternative my family will accept.
  13. SamSpade

    Schools - yet?

    Any inkling? It's a month and a half away, and I have no clue. My son with severe cognitive disabilities will be entering high school. No idea yet. I have friends who are teachers - and they're not terribly interested in going back to school as usual. I want to post on their Facebook pages that...
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    Mounting TVs on the wall

    One of the reasons I've resisted doing this is because way too often, stuff in a room gets - moved. However, our family room has had a TV in the same spot now for 16 years, and the arrangement is never likely to change. What I want to know is - are mounting brackets - standard? If TVs are...
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    MyPillow guy

    I finally figured out who Mike Lindell reminds me of...
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    I need to register MY pets... I probably ought to add my DEAD pets as well.
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    New show on Amazon Prime Video. I didn't think my wife would like it, so I watched myself. She's watching it now and we love it. One of the scenes - where the main character finds out that in the afterlife, you CAN'T MISS THE URINAL no matter what you do - is one of the funniest scenes on TV I...
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    Computer mavens, need advice

    So I successfully added an SSD drive - an extra one - to my otherwise cheap laptop (which I also upgraded the memory to 16G). It took me a while to figure out how to tell the BIOS it was there, disk management to see and prepare it. What I don't know is how best to exploit it. It has half a...
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    Russian Aid

    I still see posts by people irate that the "Russians paid Taliban a bounty for Americans killed" - and seriously, I don't get it. For one thing - Aghani government has been clear that the Taliban have been receiving military aid from Russia almost since the beginning - Bush, Obama, Trump -...
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    Fight to the last man

    I was watching the opening scene to "Branded". I have never actually watched the show - it came out when I was a kid and a totally remember the opening scenes and the theme song. For those unfamiliar, it was Chuck Connor's third vehicle on TV as lead. The premise of the show is that he was a...