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  1. NorthBeachPerso

    Joe Biden's Spirit Animal Good thing Joe's not traveling.
  2. NorthBeachPerso

    So I'm watching Lone Star Law on Animal Planet

    and I'm amazed at how many warnings the Game Wardens give instead of citations. I contrast that with the Wildlife Conservation Officers here in Maryland where I've seen people cited for not having stamps they didn't need (the most recent was a couple years ago. The kid had paid for his...
  3. NorthBeachPerso

    Wild hogs in Charles County

    Why is this being treated as "cute"? If they get established, and it looks like they are already, people will go nuts. They need to be eradicated now.
  4. NorthBeachPerso

    Live PD on A and E

    I've been watching this the last few weeks. They have a film crew in Calvert. The County is pretty boring compared to the other places they've embedded crews. I wonder if they'll hit the Tiki Bar next week.
  5. NorthBeachPerso

    What, no thread

    bitching and moaning about Calvert County schools having a 2 hour delay today? Y'all are slipping.
  6. NorthBeachPerso

    How did I know it was Calvert County

    before I even read the story?
  7. NorthBeachPerso

    Double Shooting In Waldorf
  8. NorthBeachPerso

    Does this one beat

    the one down here about sex injuries from a reciprocating saw?
  9. NorthBeachPerso

    No neck tattoo

    Thought some of you needed a laugh. Or not.
  10. NorthBeachPerso

    That special kind of stupid

    doesn't just happen in Southern Maryland like some of you seem to think:
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    Just Checking In

    to see what inconsequential thing some of you are bitching about today.
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    Put Up or Shut Up. How much do you hate Steny Hoyer? Time for gut check boys and girls.
  13. NorthBeachPerso

    Why doesn't fun #### like this happen to me?
  14. NorthBeachPerso

    She got tore up

  15. NorthBeachPerso

    Road Closures

    so we don't have the "Huh?" moment like when 301 was shut down at Easter.
  16. NorthBeachPerso

    Is the "Like" feature coming back?

    I liked it.
  17. NorthBeachPerso


    Charles County light rail still more than a decade away - Southern Maryland News Well, Roy Dyson will be happy, he's been pushing this for years. Maybe it will give him a reason to take away even more driving privileges for 17 and 18 year olds. Maybe raise the driving age to 21.
  18. NorthBeachPerso

    Rule #1

    Don't rob a gas station and come back later to fill up the stolen getaway vehicle: Burglary at Lusby Fastop leads to Fatal Car Accident - Southern Maryland News
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    do so many people in SoMD sort of smile when they have a mugshot taken? Woman charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest - Southern Maryland News UPDATE: Booking Photo Added – Calvert County Correctional Officer Charged with Prostitution and Human Trafficking | Southern Maryland...
  20. NorthBeachPerso

    Where's Hank

    SOMDWxNews | Southern Maryland News NOW!! I'm worried.