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  1. nomoney

    Paving Rt 235

    Why? Came down the road super late last night and they had the road all grated up and were in the process of paving it. I didn't realize it was in need of a resurfacing already? WTH?
  2. nomoney

    Rapey Songs

    So I had made a mention that I couldn't get that new song "Blurred Lines" out of my head lately...." hey hey hey".... anywho, my sister said "ya, has a good beat - just rapey lyrics".....:lol: So then I started thinking about what other songs had rapey lyrics... holey buck snot...
  3. nomoney

    Plant Auction

    Is there one in the Loveville or Hollywood area tomorrow? A friend thinks there is but I can't find info on it anywhere.
  4. nomoney

    Inch worms!!!!

    Anyone else being invaded this year???? I have them EVERYWHERE!:cds:
  5. nomoney

    Extra Propane in Tanks

    I currently have two 80 gal propane tanks. We have been planning on switching over from our propane heat to electric this spring/early summer. So we used the crap out of our propane this winter because we already know that United won't buy back any propane. Dumb us forgot to call them and put...
  6. nomoney

    Rising Freshman Orientation Nights

    All week I've been thinking that they are at the Tech Center in Leonardtown, but now the night of I'm second guessing myself that its at each individual high school. Boy brought a flier home tonight saying tour the school, meet teachers, etc. Yet it also says "you are welcome to attend any...
  7. nomoney

    Best Paint?

    I want to paint my off-white windows a bright white. I'm talking about the outsides of them. They are wrapped in a metal material. What is the best way to do this? Oil based paint? Spray paint? Any other suggestions?
  8. nomoney

    My pup + snake bite

    My boxer is up at the ER with what they think is a snake bite. We were outside with him and never saw anything happen. One minute he was running around like normal and the next he wouldn't put any weight on his back leg. We checked out his paw and leg and saw nothing. Within minutes however...
  9. nomoney

    Who should do this?

    Alright, we want a new roof and at the same time we want to add on a front porch and do some new siding. We can probably do the siding ourselves but would still like some recommendations for a one stop place to get quotes from. We've already gotten a quote from Two Point and Dutchman's is...
  10. nomoney


    Who is the copter flying around looking for?
  11. nomoney

    Birthday Cake

    I need a birthday cake shaped like a football. Before I start running all over town, any recommendations on who could make one?
  12. nomoney

    I have chicken

    alright, I've got boneless chicken breasts ...maybe some brown rice up in the cupboard....odds and ends - what can I make for dinner? I'm feeling blah and can't think of anything.
  13. nomoney

    My turn

    to start one of those wth is wrong me threads so eveyrone can point and laugh. I don't want to go to the Dr. for this because they'll think I'm crazy...buuuttt..... I noticed this weekend quite on accident that I have something weird going on with my arm/neck area. There is a tiny little...
  14. nomoney

    New Orleans

    I've got enough miles saved up for a free flight, we're tossing around a long weekend trip to New Orleans. I've never been - I want to stay near the action. Any recomendations on where to stay, what to do?
  15. nomoney

    Huge power outage in San Diego

    San Diego hit by major power failure - US news - Life - A major power failure hit a large part of Southern California on Thursday, including San Diego, the nation's eighth-largest city. The problem, which extended into Mexico's Baja peninsula, cut electricity to millions of people...
  16. nomoney

    Found Lab on Hermanville Rd

    A lab showed up in our front yard today. Live off of Hermanville Rd, Lexington Park. Anyone looking for one let me know! Must be able to describe.
  17. nomoney

    Private Messages not opening

    yo vrai; I have a very important pm from someone about a skylight cover that I can't open because it keeps saying database error!! :cds:
  18. nomoney

    Whats up with Baynet?

    Two different instances of heading over to the baynet have led to AVG catching a malware infection (password stealer) today. Anyone else have something pop up?
  19. nomoney

    A Male Fairy Tale

    Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful princess, "Will you marry me?" The Princess said, "NO!" And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and boned skinny big titted broads and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to nudie bars and dated women half his age and drank...
  20. nomoney

    Rod Iron Bar stools...your mission

    Alright, found a brand new bar stool at habitat yesterday....need help finding its twin or close to it. Where around here sells these suckas? I want to get another one really close to it or just like it for the kitchen. It's a swivel seat and its a brownish finish. HELP!