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    They have some nerve

    Atlantic Broadband increasing their prices Sept. 1 2020. Just got the email today. New prices:
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    YoutubeTV 30% price increase!

    Wow. I love YoutubeTV but when they added 8 viacom channels today (MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount, etc.) they announced a $15 per month price increase. I might as well go back to Directv...
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    Do you use a VPN?

    I'm thinking about subscribing to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service but am wondering what kind of login problems it causes with sites such as Paypal, Facebook, online banking, 2 factor authentication, etc. For those of you that are using a VPN, do you have any login troubles? Do you have...
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    If you have Youtube TV...

    Thanks to YTTV and EPIX, there is now a 30-day free trial of the cable channel. You don't need to do anything to activate it, and it will not auto-renew for the paid service once the month is up. (If you have customized your channel guide, you might need to sign in on desktop and make sure EPIX...
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    Some free channels for some of you

    I don't have Directv anymore, but for those of you who do: Starz will be available free from March 26 to April 4 Epix can be viewed free from April 4 to April 16 HBO and Cinemax free from April 17 to April 20.
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    I'll take it!

    SMECO applies to reduce energy rates:
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    WaWa security breach--potentially ALL locations

    This was going on for NINE MONTHS:
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    Is it that hard... turn on your car headlights on a day like today? Foggy and misting? Couldn't believe the number of cars that did not have them on--including 2 SMC sheriff's deputy cars... The idea is so OTHERS can see YOU.
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    AT&T ruined Directv

    I've been a loyal Directv customer since December 1996 (23 years) and was always happy with the channel selection and excellent picture. I got worried when AT&T bought them out. I figured it was only a matter of time before things got bad. Boy was I right. The first debacle was when they...
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    Directv Free Preview through Oct. 28

    Free Directv Preview - HBO & Cinemax Now through Oct. 28th Doesn't look like there's much worthwhile on.
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    "lost control of the vehicle..."

    I've seen the term "lost control of the vehicle" in a ridiculous amount of local news articles the past few years. Am I the only one who has never lost control of their vehicle?
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    Bank of America drive-thru

    I went to the Lex. Park Bank of America drive-thru today to make a deposit and both lanes were closed. I went inside and asked the teller why the drive-thru was closed--she said due to "fraud" the drive-thru is permanently closed and that Bank of America is working towards closing ALL...
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    Replacement card question

    So years ago I had the brilliant idea to laminate my Social Security card, and now the DMV won't accept it for RealID documentation because of the lamination. If I go to the social security office with my birth certificate and driver's license to get a replacement social security card, do they...
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    Free Epix preview on Directv

    Free Epix preview on Directv--NOW through Sunday night. Channels 558, 559 & 560. If you don't have Directv, some of the other tv providers are offering the same preview this weekend but I'm not sure on the days/times/channels.
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    Directv free HD Extra pack preview

    Free Directv HD Extra Pack preview August 21-26 Channels 565-573
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    Directv month-long EPIX free preview

    Directv is having a month-long free preview of EPIX Channels 558-560 Free Preview Begins: July 19, 2019 (Friday) Free Preview Ends: August 17, 2019 (Saturday) Stay cool and enjoy!
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    Verizon Wireless shutting down 3G Network

    I was caught off guard when I called Verizon Wireless for a minor issue and found out that my cell phone will no longer work after December 2019 because they are shutting down the 3G network. I have a heavy-duty Kyocera Dura XV flip phone (no interest at all in a smartphone). If you have an...
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    Oh goody...

    I was waiting with bated breath for a St. Mary's Metcom rate increase. Almost thought they forgot. But alas, they remembered to increase water and sewer rates YET AGAIN...
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    Directv HD Extra Pack Free preview

    Directv HD Extra Pack Free preview May 21-27: 560, Hallmark HD 561, HD Net Movies 562, MGM HD 563, Sony Movie Channel HD 564, Universal HD 565, Smithsonian HD 566, Crime and Investigation HD 567, Palladia HD 568, Shorts HD
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    I have a long memory...

    I'll be watching closely when the St. Mary's Commissioners vote on the final budget. I seem to remember the candidates that I voted for promising to hold the line on taxes. Guess those were lies. I have a long memory and will certain not vote for the same people again.