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    Suggestions of a Lawyer

    Suggestions of a lawyer for civil litigation regarding landlord tenant issues. Looking for someone who is not afraid to take someone on, no matter their status within the good ol' boy system. We have proper and defining evidence against the landlord, along with doctors notes/files...
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    Hey there everyone. Just wanted to see what people are saying with those who have had walking pneumonia before. I was diagnosed November 1 with pneumonia. However, had it brewing for about 3 weeks before (mid October) that and didn't go to the doctors because I thought it was allergies. I was...
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    Leonardtown Post Office santa letters

    Hey there! years past, the leonardtown post office has partnered with someone who has accepted the santa letters and then the person would send back a envelope all stamped up and filled with a letter and goodies. Do you know if they are still doing this? Figured someone on here would know.
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    Adrian Brothers Constructions

    I have heard awesome things about these guys- but I cannot find their number anywhere. Anyone have an idea on their numbers??? TIA
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    Community Service for Scouts

    Hey there! Wanted to pick the brain of people in the area... I am looking for opportunities in the community to do service from our GS Troop. For instance, we helped Greenwell clean up one time and we have done a food drive. But I was looking to see if there was anywhere else that I might not...
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    Has anyone been to the local beaches lately (Elms, Myrtle point, etc), how are the jellies? Are they in full force yet? Was not sure with how the weather has been.
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    Filing a complaint on a builder?

    Other than filing a complaint with the BBB on a builder, is there another place around the area that is for Southern Maryland that you can file a complaint with? TIA
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    Volunteers needed!

    This holiday season, one of our most beloved board games will come to life during the CANDYLAND LIVE event in December. St. Mary's Macaroni Kid and Macaroni Mama will be there and is proud to be a media sponsor of the event! So much time and energy has been spent on the part of the organizing...
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    Campaigning to move halloween to Saturday Trying to get the word out. If you disagree that is fine. But my little bunny rabbit wants it- as do a lot of others. :) Trying to get the county commissioners and the county gov't to get this ball rolling.
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    Walking Bridges in the area

    Does anyone in St Mary's county know of any walkable foot bridges? I am asking because we are looking for somewhere to hold our bridging ceremony for our Daisy troop. We need something that they can walk over and have people on either side. Any one know of such a place? It needs to be...
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    Sweet German Sheppard

    I have a friend who have an abandon German Sheppard. Sweet sweet boy! Anyone have any interest in him? They found him near their apartment- but can only keep him so long as the apartment complex only allows small pets. :sad: Link to his page and stats! Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue
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    Heads up.. its coming again!!

    This event has been canceled
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    Vendor Call

    Vendor Call! Looking for craft vendors for a Craft Fair on Saturday, November 3rd,2012 Proceeds benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer team: Thanks for the Mammaries Space is $25.00 (this fee is tax deductible through a 501c3 public charity) 6ft space available. Provide your own...
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    Needing the community's help

    The following people and apartment complex that is located in the following pictures are needing to be found. Personal property stolen from a car last week and now they are actually having the balls to use the property and post their own pictures in places. The property was stolen within the...
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    Food and Item Drive

    Hey there! We are collecting canned and nonperishable items for the Southern Maryland Food Bank and we are collecting animal food and items for Second Hope Rescue. Girl Scout Daisy Troop 6996 is hosting a Food and Item drive For two great organizations! Where:Giant Foods, California...
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    Pick your own apples

    Heya! I am looking for a pick your own apple farm within the area or within a 50 mile radius to somd for my girl scout troop to go to. They are trying to earn their apple picking patch and a pick your own farm would be perfect! I do know that there are multiple farms in the area that have...
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    Looking for items

    Collecting items for Second Hope Animal rescue and Food and Canned items for the Southern Maryland Food Pantry! I have a wish list for both places. Our girl scout troop is trying to collect food and food/items for both places for their 100 years project. AT LEAST 100 items for the SOMD food...
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    Grout cleaner

    Ok grr... in search of help. I have tried the mixtures for grout cleaner that I looked up- and neither are working.. anyone have any advice on stuff they have used that works? I did that and vinegar and then I did the mixture of bleach and baking soda. Stumped...Help?
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    Gift of Caring

    So I am new to this girl scout thing. Every year they do what is called the Gift of Caring during cookie season where people who do not want the physical box of cookies, still buy a box and put it in our Gift of Caring box. Then after the sales we give the cookies to that designated charity or...
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    Cast for a Cause

    Calling all Men and Women! We are doing it again- and yes that is right you see that we have added men. Every 3 minutes someone is affected by breast cancer. Women, Men, mothers, daughters, fathers... no one is exempt from this disease. Pink is powerful. So, like our women, we are bringing...