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  1. LusbyMom

    Copper???? Are you around?

  2. LusbyMom

    Copper???? Are you around?

    Hey boner! Doing good! Haven't been on here in forever! How are you?
  3. LusbyMom

    Copper???? Are you around?

    Neither user names have been used for a long time.. thought maybe a new one was made.
  4. LusbyMom

    Copper???? Are you around?

    Looking for an old poster... if you are still around PM me!
  5. LusbyMom

    John Baker.. Baker Upholstery 410-326-0860 He does all the work for my business.

    John Baker.. Baker Upholstery 410-326-0860 He does all the work for my business.
  6. LusbyMom


    Hey Rarebreed... did you know our kids are in the same class this year?
  7. LusbyMom

    Looking for Personal Trainer

    Genna 1 410.336.6222 She gives classes at several of the gyms in Calvert and St Marys and does personal training
  8. LusbyMom

    Biggest Loser

    A 'Biggest Loser' first: One player walks out - Entertainment - Reality TV -
  9. LusbyMom

    Have any of you ladies....

    I have a friend that sells it.... I will PM you her contact info :)
  10. LusbyMom

    State Park Camping

    Which state parks have you been to or would you recommend? MD, VA, WV, PA, DE? Electricity is a must :lol: Pets also!
  11. LusbyMom


    My kids school teaches that hitting back is not protecting or defending yourself. They teach them that defending yourself is blocking the hits and that hitting back is retaliation. Recently a boy was picking on my son all day... my son ignored him.. Then the boy hit/kicked him in the chest...
  12. LusbyMom


    I have the 9330... I think the 8330 is what I had before. My new one has the track pad instead of the ball which is much nicer.. But I didn't get it for free! This is what I have but in purple :lol: BlackBerry - Curve 9300 Phone - New BlackBerry Curve 3G Smartphone
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    I have the Blackberry Curve.. and I love it.. Just got a new one a couple months ago.. I debated on the droid but I really love the crackberry.
  14. LusbyMom

    California Accident

    The accident was at the intersection where outback is... the truck looked HORRIBLE...
  15. LusbyMom

    Southern Fried Stings..

    They need to take this show off and bring back Lizard Lick Towing!
  16. LusbyMom

    dunkirk mva

  17. LusbyMom

    Sister Wives

    I love the show.. watched the whole last season.. My friends and I have discussed the brother husbands thing :lol: But really who wants that many whiny men? One is more than enough.. I do think it's nasty to share 1 man... but hey whatever works for them
  18. LusbyMom

    A simple suggestion of what not to do.

  19. LusbyMom

    Bethpage Campground

    I LOVE camping.. my kids get along with each other so well when we are camping... no fighting and they act like they love each other :lol: I do very little cooking or cleaning.. the kids and the hubby know if they are hungry go make something. I am on break too and then for dinner hubby mans...
  20. LusbyMom

    Bethpage Campground

    Okay once again you made me bust out laughing and hubby is looking at me saying WTF is so funny... umm BCP is at it again :killingme