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    elms beach

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    Need to find a Rescue Group

    for a friendly stray and her 2or3 kittens...(about 5 days old). They are in the woods with little shelter.. I have tried SMAWL, ferel cat rescue with NO luck..(They were suppose to make phone calls and call us or come here).. We can help you get the kittens and mom. I don't want them...
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    Momma and kitttens need rescued!!

    Never mind.. Found a place
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    Happy Belated Birthday TWL's Wife

    Hope you had a great day!!!!!:otter::dye::howdy:
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    Pudding anyone

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    Who Knows this Man??

    Man Uses Assault Rifle In Road Rage Incident | | Washington, DC |
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    "Most people spend their lives buying things they don't need with money they don't have to impress people who don't care"-- John F. Kennedy:howdy:
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    Bubbi Knotts

    Does anyone know when he will be open for business? Thanks
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    Happy 1st Birthday

    Wirelessly posted (SCH-U350/1.0 NetFront/ (GUI) MMP/2.0) CODY! I Love you little man. X0X0
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    Happy Birthday Dad

    Wirelessly posted (SCH-U350/1.0 NetFront/ (GUI) MMP/2.0) I love and miss you! I know you're looking down at us. The kids are growing so fast. I wish you were here to enjoy them. S knows you're pop pop! Till we meet again.. Love you J.M.Q 2-26-56- 10-01-06
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    Wirelessly posted (SCH-U350/1.0 NetFront/ (GUI) MMP/2.0) Thank you Heather for being on the air and giving us updates! Great job. Hope you get to go home soon!
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    Stolen Handguns....

    BURGLARY AND THEFT OVER $500: On Tuesday, October 20 at 1:30 pm, Tpr. B. Wiesemann responded to 45000 block of Rolling Road in Lexington Park for the reported Theft of four handguns. Upon arrival, contact was made with the male complainant, 86, of Lexington Park who advised unknown suspect(s)...
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    Here ya go lovinmaryland

    .... Kinda blurry..
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    Balloon Valvuloplasty

    Anyone have any experience with this procedure especially for a baby? Looking for some info that I might not come across on line.. Thanks
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :party: :buddies:
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    Lexington Park Man Assaulted after buying Alcohol

    Girl, Friends Assault Man After He Agrees To Buy Them Alcohol | | Washington, DC | :jerry:
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    Childrens Tylenol Recalled | Washington, DC | Tylenol Recalls Infant & Child Formulas Check your cabinets.. I had some, that I haven't used yet... Sorry if this is a re-post
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    Monday Morning is the BIG day...

    I'm going in at 7am to be induced....... :yahoo::evil:
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    Lost Items- From a Free cycler...

    Awhile back a friend suggested that it was a good idea to put important jewelry in a place other than your jewelry box in case of burglary. They also suggested that the pocket of a piece of clothing in your closet was a good choice of locations for hiding this jewelry. Trying to protect my most...
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    Roller Skating Babies lol

    CnNvh25WJlo Thought it was cute and so did my daughter :lol: