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  1. LusbyMom

    Copper???? Are you around?

    Looking for an old poster... if you are still around PM me!
  2. LusbyMom

    State Park Camping

    Which state parks have you been to or would you recommend? MD, VA, WV, PA, DE? Electricity is a must :lol: Pets also!
  3. LusbyMom

    Babysitting Courses

    When I was a teen they had babysitter courses for teens to take. Do they still have those? Oldest just turned 13 and wants to start babysitting.
  4. LusbyMom

    New chihuahua

    Never had one before... I call it the rat dog :lol: the kids and the hubby :love: it We have 2 other dogs that do NOT like other dogs at all... but for some reason they are scared of this chihuahua. Honestly I don't think they realize it is even a dog :lmao: So what's the best food for...
  5. LusbyMom

    Outback in California

    We haven't been there in months... but got take out a couple weeks ago.. brought it home and we were disappointed. Tonight we decided to try it again but we ate in. Disappointed once again. Food was cold when brought to the table, hubby got fish and it was nothing but grease and the service was...
  6. LusbyMom

    Working Kitchen Fire Catalina Drive

    All occupants out of the house. Shutting off the road.
  7. LusbyMom

    Christmas Spirit

    Do you have it? This year I am so excited :getdown: Can't wait for Christmas morning... the excitement of the kids... family.. food.. fun and laughter. The tree is up, the house is decorated and the baking is about to begin. We are just about finished with all of our shopping, just going...
  8. LusbyMom

    Avon... who sells it?

    I need a few things before Christmas but I do not know anyone who sells it... so I figured I would check here :)
  9. LusbyMom

    Anyone take the kids out hunting today?

    Hubby took our 12 yr old girl and 10 yr old boy out today for the jr firearms day. Our son killed himself his first buck... 6 points :)
  10. LusbyMom

    Dump Cake

    Anyone know how to make this? I want to make this for one of my employees for his birthday tomorrow... I googled the recipe but was wondering if anyone else had one that they know is really good.
  11. LusbyMom

    Lost Dog Cre Is It Yours?

    My friend found this dog and it's on her porch and won't leave
  12. LusbyMom

    Car Insurance Coverage

    What do you all carry on your vehicle? I have had Geico for 12 years but I think all my limits are to low and want to up everything and lower my deductibles.
  13. LusbyMom

    Fundraisers ideas for sick child/medical expenses

    Does anyone know how to start a fundraiser? Which ones work well? Do you need a tax id number? Are their organizations that will help with medical expenses? I am asking because a child I know was just recently diagnosed with cancer. The medical bills are already growing and it's just the...
  14. LusbyMom

    Six Flags

    Anyone been this year? It's been 3 or 4 years since we last went and it was kind of dirty there. The wave pools were :barf: and I was disappointed especially after having visited Water Country. Today I picked up coupons that are buy one get one free so I thought we might give it another try...
  15. LusbyMom

    Adopt a US Soldier

    We have adopted 2 soldiers over the past month. They have 20-30 soldiers signing up daily and are looking for more supporters... It's a great program and my kids are loving writing letters and sending packages and hearing back from the soldiers. If you are interested in helping out you...
  16. LusbyMom

    Blue Spruce

    We planted a Blue Spruce a couple months ago... it is still alive but hasn't changed really since we planted it.. Anything special we should be doing? Or anything we shouldn't do?
  17. LusbyMom

    Divorce Question

    If you are legally seperated in the state of Md and you purchase a car.. when you got for the divorce would the wife be entitled to any part of the car?
  18. LusbyMom

    Breezes Resorts

    Has anyone stayed at them? Any big difference between the Breezes Resorts and the Sandals?
  19. LusbyMom

    Crab soup

    Anyone have a recipe for cream of crab or MD Crab soup? I just got a bushel of jumbos and wanted to try making a soup with some of it.
  20. LusbyMom

    Insurance Agency Recommendations?

    I am looking for an insurance agent for my business. We are looking for health and life insurance, for us and our employees. My financial advisor was handling all of this but has now left the company we are using and we haven't been pleased with his replacement. So we have coverage until the...