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  1. onebdzee

    In my travels this week.....

    I discovered a small (12" sq) wooden box that contained several documents (birth certificate, SS card, HS diploma), John Matthew Bachman was the name on most of them. There are several addresses on various letters that were found around the box, all of which are in the local area. I have done a...
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    Bikers for Babies

    Preliminary count....over $30,000 raised, slightly over 350 bikes, and more than 400 people attended the event A big thank you to all that attended, it was a HUGE success... We start planning for next year in Mid March if you are interested in helping and/or offering suggestions to change...
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    Bikers for Babies

    We currently have over 130 riders registered online....which is (from past experience) approximately half of what will be there....:yahoo: If you would like to show support for these wonderful bikers that have donated to prevent premature births, the route will be.... 2:00 leave MIR, right...
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    China cabinet/hutch

    :yeahthat: Zman will be home around 3:05, I can run him over
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    People Need to Pay Attention

    If it's the elementary bus, she doesn't stop at the stop sign by my house
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    People Need to Pay Attention

    yea, like they care about the new law.... On my walk yesterday, I quit counting at 10 cars on Rt4 (5 of those were riding the white line, 1 almost hit me and the girl) between the church closet to the bridge and the new light (going towards 235) that the driver was talking on a phone
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    Bikers for Babies

    We are shutting down the online registration on Friday at noon...If you sign up online before then, you do not have to get off your bike at the gate, just sign the wavier and roll right on through :howdy:
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    Does Slim Fast work for you?

    haha....GMTA I eat quite a few small meals a day, walk 3 to 5 miles (about) every day, and have lost 35 pounds (and have maintained that loss) since January
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    Bikers for Babies

    :bump: Cause there is only 9 more days until the event!
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    Why you women get into trouble

    I'm going to assume that you are not generalizing woman with this list :eyebrow:
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    :yeahthat: #2 son left a car here when he went to basic and the title was in some guy that I didn't knows name....Called a guy (he had a sign on 235) and he came and got it, gave me $200, and didn't ask for a title
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    Did you see this on Obamacare?

    I have no family history (or personal history) of anything that isn't preventable (knockswood) and currently have a rather high I said in my post, I have one or two doctor visits per year for preventative measures and pay cash for those (it's actually cheaper that way).
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    Did you see this on Obamacare?

    I must be among the "flukes" as well....I received a letter from my insurance company the other day that states my rates will increase $210 a month....I have basic no frills insurance just to cover me in case something happens....I never meet my yearly deductible....I am one of the many that are...
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    Why you men get in trouble

    I use to work with a lady that married a guy that showered, but didn't use soap....ever I met him once and had to leave before I got too close because of the smell....even though she complained (a LOT) about the smell, the dirty clothes, and having to wash her sheets daily, she stayed married...
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    Think before you ink

    You would be surprised as to how many shops do not care whether you have been drinking or not....They just care about the money and usually don't offer a free touch-up after it heals I've been to several tattoo shops where people were bringing in coolers full of alcohol and all (to include...
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    Anyone else get a letter from Arrow?

    Where is this alleged "eletro-sphere" that you speak of being built?? I live around the corner from you (if memory serves and you haven't moved in the last 3 years) and I didn't get a letter
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    For all of you that didn't go to OC Bike week....

    I am in Operations Management hell right now, give me a freaking break, woman! :cds:
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    For all of you that didn't go to OC Bike week....

    March of Dimes/Bikers for Babies is having a fund raiser/pre-registration event at Port Tobacco Marina....We will be there from 5 until 10 on Saturday, September, 13th Stickey Wicket will be playing at 6 and we will have raffles and prizes while we are there....15% of all food sales will be...
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    Can someone explain the real difference?

    You know what is funny (yea, I'm being sarcastic) never hear from us Irish people about how we were shipped off to the Americas to be slaves because of religious and political beliefs WAY before anyone from Africa was shipped here The Irish Slave Trade Since I am more than half...