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    I buy 10 year or better.
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    Attacked by wild turkeys....

    BWAHAHA , reminds me of time on base practicing at pitching green, hitting balls minding own bizness.. then i see this BIG Tom walking across 9th green, Ahhh Cool !!!! Phucker just came up on me and wanted a piece of me !!! PEOPLE IN PARKING LOT LAUGHING ;-((( i'm Smacking the bastard with my...
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    Appliance Stores

    Ya i phucking know!!!, The cooktop works so we're GOOD. Wirecutter rated this induction the best - GE Profile PHS930, Lowes has for 2400 along with 10% vet discount im ok with that...
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    Appliance Stores

    thanks All, Think i will go to Lowes, They have the one i have been looking at and will install and haul this OLD POS away....
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    Appliance Stores

    Range has given up the ghost... Front panel not working, yes i could buy a couple 300 parts hope first fixes it and return the other. But the glass top is cracked in two places too. It's about 12 yrs old, so its time. Thinking either going to gas, have tank already for fireplace or induction...
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    COVID-19 case confirmed on base 3/23

    well sh1t that is tritons hanger.... And they are in MY Hanger !!!!!!!!!!!
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    What is on your quarantine playlist?

    not playlist for this sh1T we're going through, but just found ALTERNATIVE RADIO REWIND - CLASSIC 80'S ALTERNATIVE on I Heart Radio. Love it , takes me back...
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    Nice restaurant near Dulles

    Going up to Dulles to spend night Saturday for early flight out Sunday, anybody have nice restaurant close by Dulles or on way to Dulles? We have Sterling and Reston on the way.... Looked at Yelp and Trip adviser for those two towns.....
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    oakwood lodge, that was it ;-0
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    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    good lord, that will bring back some memories..... Some time i wonder how i survived, drinking and driving!!!!!!!!!!! Between Tall Timbers and Oak Wood tavern, am i correct, there was an Oak wood right?????
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    Finished another truck project.

    seeing how that's the high desert its operating in, i say Ok. No dust in intake please...............
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    More on MD Drivers Licenses

    Well it was pretty painless working through what i need to bring, got my appointment and there are PLENTY of openings.....
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    More on MD Drivers Licenses here's the link to look up if you need to now go back and let them scan docs WTFO
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    Local Business Dryer repairman

    My Maytag sounds like shes thrown the drum support rollers, i have a Maytag MDE6700AYW stackable and am not finding any you tubes demonstrations for this model, found one that close and i just don't know if i want to deal with taking her down to zero basically. So anyone have a reliable...
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    Cussing can be funny when done right

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    Can I salute?

    If you could, i'm interested in what a communicator job entails? You'd be right in the thick of things probably !
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    truck with plate down in Calvert marina is FUGIT. I want that one when they're done with it..................
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    Who's selling corned hams

    finished product, i think i am done with the boil technique !!!! baking was so much easier (2nd one) and i really think the ham holds its SALTYness better! Not living where i can just dump the liquor from pot out in woods and cleaning a huge crab cooker in cold weather helps :lmao: