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  1. sockgirl77

    Donations for the Louisiana flood victims

    A friend of mine that runs for Waldorf VFD and his buddy are taking 2 U-hauls down to Louisiana to drop off donations to flood victims. They are leaving out on September 2nd. I'd like to have all of the donations up to them at least the day before. I can accept donations at my house in Hollywood...
  2. sockgirl77

    Suddenly, my babies are not babies anymore.

    Most of you have watched my kids grow. Jacob was a newborn when I first became an active poster on the forums. Well, they're not babies anymore. Katie is almost 9 and started the 3rd grade today. Juliet is 10 and started the 5th grade. And Jacob, the baby that so many of you held, well...he is...
  3. sockgirl77

    Party Etiquette

    Over the past year I have been invited to 5 parties that would have required me to spend money to attend. The first was a baby shower that specified for you to bring a dish. In fact, the person being showered asked it several times on the Facebook event that was created for it. The second was a...
  4. sockgirl77

    Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins

    Has anyone ever taken these? My hair, skin, and nails are losing life as I get older. I'm freaking out as I get closer to 40. I do not want to look 40. My hair is starting to fall out in chunks and my skin is all blotchy. My once extremely strong nails are starting to get more and more brittle...
  5. sockgirl77

    FYI: Serious Accident on TJ Bridge, Bridge Closed

    Take an alternate route.
  6. sockgirl77

    Bollywood Masala

    I would just like to tell the masses that I am highly impressed with this place. Their food is fantastic. I've now been at the new location twice and have left fat and happy both times, with lunch for the next day too! I am so happy that they've replaced Lenny's. I was never a fan of Lenny's...
  7. sockgirl77

    ATTN: Vapers at Medstar St. Mary's ER around 9:30pm last night...

    Vape outside. Yes, you walked out of the waiting room and into the lobby. I should thank you for at least that courtesy. However, all of your stench walked right back in with you. Your stench, that of pot filled the room. Not only did we (my mother, my child, and myself) have to smell it as we...
  8. sockgirl77

    RSVPs, a think of the past?

    RSVPs, a thing of the past? Am I assuming that people just do not feel the obliged to return these anymore? I have received texts and phone calls telling me that people will be attending my wedding, but very few actually bothered to drop the postage paid RSVPs in the mail. Most of the ones that...
  9. sockgirl77


    LuLaRoe Okay, ladies. I have a question. Am I the only one who isn't sold on this new LuLaRoe fad? I see my BEAUTIFUL friends (a lot of them) posting selfies in LuLaRoe dresses every day. Each and everyone of them has a great body. Yet, the dresses make them look fat. The dresses themselves are...
  10. sockgirl77

    Bay Area Waste Disposal

    Seen in Indian Head... :twitch:
  11. sockgirl77

    Police Find $100 Worth of Groceries in Woman's Vagina...

    The vagina is an elastic organ, designed to carry..well, people. So the fact that Holly Fray was able to get some food products into hers shouldn’t be that alarming…..unless of course you consider the grocery list…...
  12. sockgirl77

    Blue Expedition at Lowe's today...

    Dear Driver of this vehicle, You are a douche. Love Always, Socki
  13. sockgirl77

    Caption This...

  14. sockgirl77

    Looking For Trouble 5k

    WHEN: Saturday April 4, 2015 Kids’ Fun Run starts at 7:30 a.m. – 5K starts at 8:00 a.m. (not a timed event – kids may run with parents/siblings on the 5k but will not receive timer bibs) WHERE: The race will follow the Three Notch Trail on a USTAF Certified Course and will begin and end...
  15. sockgirl77

    Cameron Appointed to Governor's Task Force I have all the faith in the world that Sheriff Cameron will do a great job!
  16. sockgirl77

    Brass Rail owners accused of stealing charity’s money The news is hopping today! :lol:
  17. sockgirl77

    Rams Head Tavern owner arrested for bathroom camera

    Wonder if he's friends with Tim Flaherty? I know that quite a few forum members have posted about going to shows at Rams Head.
  18. sockgirl77

    Running Propane Heater Explodes In Vehicle

    On Monday, February 23, 2015, at approximately 5:35 p.m., firefighters from Bay District volunteer fire department and members from the Lexington Park volunteer rescue squad responded to a report of a vehicle fire on Great Mills Road in the area of St. Mary’s Lighting. While firefighters were...
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    :flowers:Happy Birthday, Hot Stuff!:flowers:
  20. sockgirl77

    On-base contractors and base closures, feedback needed

    Both companies that I have worked for have granted us admin leave when we were off due to a base closure. I've never had to dip into my personal leave for it. A friend of mine told me that his company is telling him that he has to use his personal leave for Tuesday's base closure. They are...