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  1. basher

    Godzilla in Leonardtown

    anyone else here the loud banging sounds in Leonardtown? sounds like Godzilla stomping....
  2. basher

    Lusby Mom Froze Kids

    Mom tells cops icy bodies in freezer are her kids -
  3. basher

    Firefox GooglePreview Add-On

    By far the best add on for firefox, makes googling so much better it now!
  4. basher


    :coffee: I need a's everyone else doing this wonderful Monday morning?
  5. basher

    Optometrist in LP/California

    has anyone used Doctors on Sight Optometrists Inc. or Bayshore Eye Care in Lexington Park/California area? These are the only ones in the area that accept my vision plan. good/bad experiences? TIA
  6. basher

    Leaked Screen Shots of New Microsoft Windows 7 OS

    Digital Journal - Leaked Screen Shots of New Microsoft Windows 7 OS Looks like the same capabilities on my iTouch (no iPhone because I like my Blackberry)
  7. basher

    Boy Witnesses Parents' Fatal Fight

    Boy Witnesses Parents' Fatal Fight - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando I think the boy did it, and then placed the gun next to his father....probably tired of them fighting all the time.
  8. basher


    ....thought this was The Men's Room
  9. basher

    Salamander-inspired therapy may aid injured vets

    Salamander-inspired therapy may aid injured vets - ........."don't worry, we can regrow it after I cut it off....might grow back bigger"
  10. basher

    Pediatric Dentist

    Is there a pediatric dentist in somd, a good one and doesn't look like a child molester? I guess a female one, a MILF if possible.......j/k My son is 7 yrs old and in pain. TIA
  11. basher

    Where is the safest place...

    to live in this world? So many natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, ..., terrorist attacks, crime, wars, etc. in the world. Where can I live and not worry about dying unless my health goes bad?
  12. basher

    I'm saving up for this!

    Sony EL display is paper thin | Tech news blog - CNET Hope they can make my video game console and hdmi connection this thin.
  13. basher

    Aweeee How Shweet!

    Digital Journal - Who Says Geeks Aren't Romantic? I shoulda thought about this!!!:nerd:
  14. basher

    Wii Mario Kart

    Wow! I'm definitely getting this for my kid (not me :whistle:). I hope the online multiplayer is fun and if we can play split screen against others. Does the wii have a mic for multiplayer voice chat like Xbox360? GameSpot Video: Mario Kart Wii Official Movie 1
  15. basher

    South Korea's first astronaut

    S. Korea's first astronaut blasts into space - I feel sorry for the other astronauts, the space station is gonna smell like kimchee. I didn't know they could cook in space? she said she is gonna cook them a korean meal. Wonder if her experiments include kimchee :razz:
  16. basher

    Dad and daughter admit incest produced babies

    Dad and daughter admit incest produced babies - So what should their child call the father? papa or grandpa? At first I thought this mighta happened in somd :lmao:
  17. basher

    Man threatened to re-enact Virginia Tech-style kil

    Police: Man threatened to re-enact Virginia Tech-style killings - Thank God they stopped him, they better take all that stuff away and put him in jail for life!
  18. basher

    H.S. wrestler succeeds without arms, legs - Photo Gallery - Dustin Carter amazing! how did he pin anyone without any grip, must've won on take downs and points. I wonder if some of his opponents just felt sorry for him...j/k.
  19. basher

    Barack Obama related to Brad Pitt?

    Digital Journal - Barack Obama related to Brad Pitt?_ :bs:
  20. basher

    Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS

    eff yeah! this is gonna be awesome! Digital Journal - 'Guitar Grip' Peripheral Released for Guitar Hero on Nintendo DS