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  1. kom526

    Yard Signs

    The county's reasoning excuse was that it was "distracting" to drivers on the highway.
  2. kom526

    Yard Signs

    And the kicker is the fact that the county/city went on PRIVATE PROPERTY to take the sign down.
  3. kom526

    One More Hurricane

    The back/water side of my house will be on the windward side. Thankfully, I have very few trees on that side. The front side of my house is a frigging pine tree forest and if any of those go down they'll (hopefully) go towards the road.
  4. kom526

    One More Hurricane

    My S.W.A.G. has it probably getting real high around 1300 or so and lasting until 1400 or so. The wind is coming out a bad direction for our side of the county.
  5. kom526

    One More Hurricane

    High tide in Coltons Point today ... 1432. According to the weather radar, that's will be close the passing of the first big band. Good luck to @Gilligan & @stgislander it might get a little hairy. 8 years ago today we were hit by our portion of what became/was Super Storm Sandy.
  6. kom526

    If Trump Loses..

    I dunno, Texas Ted has that badass salt and pepper beard thing going and since the appearance of facial hair he has gained some intestinal fortitude.
  7. kom526

    If Trump Loses..

    We got Clinton because Bush the Elder decided he could win re election riding the success of Desert Storm and don't forget "No new taxes". Perot was an outsider (like Trump) was a successful businessman and didn't put up with the usual political bs.
  8. kom526

    If Trump Loses..

    Can we resurrect the ghost of Ross Perot?
  9. kom526

    Lunch Time!

    I put together a hellacious, carb friendly wrap this morning, a summa wrap. Summa dis and summa dat.
  10. kom526

    If Trump Loses..

  11. kom526

    Nature be Crazy

    Our ospreys left a couple of weeks ago.
  12. kom526

    IT'S HERE!!

    Grumpy in line waiting to cast his vote fighting off the forces of the left. (or Social distance bitch!)
  13. kom526

    IT'S HERE!!

    I swung by there on Tuesday on my way to shoot darts but decided the line was too long to vote and then be on time to the VFW. LW and I are going to head out early on Sat or Sun to TCOB.
  14. kom526

    Chicago security guard stabbed 27 times after asking shoppers to mask up amid coronavirus

    The dude in Lancaster, the guy from Philly and these sisters. All have "mental issues" and their weapon of choice is a knife. In order for this to fly BOTH sisters would have to be having an 'episode' at the same time. I can hear the defense now, "Your honor these bitches be crazy but if they...
  15. kom526

    Triggered Dems Resort to Court-Packing in Tantrum Over Amy Coney Barrett

    The job of the courts is to adjudicate, not legislate. If you expand the court just to get a greater number of liberals OR conservatives it will turn into a co-legislative entity and our government would lose its system of checks and balances. The founding fathers had it and did it right. I am...
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  17. kom526

    Voting in St. Mary's

    Mail in ballots were an option so you wouldn’t have to vote in person.
  18. kom526

    Reconfiguring the SC

    They were beating the hell out of her "dying wish" though. :lol:
  19. kom526

    Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it

    are doomed to repeat it. Jews in NY. Christians everywhere.
  20. kom526

    Justice Amy Coney Barrett

    Man, I'm old enough to remember when John Roberts was going to overturn Roe V Wade and take SCOTUS back to the dark ages.