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  1. Hessian

    Today's FBI?

    Was on a trip down memory lane... Anthony Weiner's Laptop was apparently in FBI hands for months & months...with plenty of incriminating evidence on the Clinton Mafia family back in 2016. They refused to act...until it became apparent that they had to release something from it...waffle waffle...
  2. Hessian

    If "X" wins and "Y" loses...any predictions?

    WMAL had me return to some grim thoughts this afternoon... I sincerely doubt this election is going to have a calm November 4-5-6. So...My theory is: A) Biden wins by a notch...Trump loses...and the gloating winners target Trump loyalists, & supporters in a frenzy of revenge: Some in the...
  3. Hessian

    Canadians on the march...FOR USA & TRUMP!

    In Montreal no less, an estimated 100,000 rallied and marched to restore freedom lost to Canada's autocratic socialist puppets...and cheer for America & Trump. Dozens of Trump banners & flags were seen throughout... Here is the news our Metrosexual Urban latte-sipping echo-chamber progressive...
  4. Hessian

    Not another Brandywine bridge closure!!

    TODAY: Got 100% blocked off coming out of Baden through Aquasco and Boom: Turn around. No explanation. Just sit in Gallant Green traffic for 5 cars to go through the light on Rt 5...for 20 minutes. So...Is it possible the creek dividing PG from Charles Cnty...that bridge is being replaced...
  5. Hessian

    Tennessee & Georgia Considering Bills to stomp out rioters

    Two states are getting ahead of the curve. The bills considered involve compensatory payments for damages, felony 'hate crime' charges for attacks on officers, bans on camping in public parks, etc. I am hoping other states get on this. The true question: Laws are nice,...but will they be...
  6. Hessian

    Any So Md. Businesses that you have a Decade+ long loyalty to?

    Just thought about this... I would open with: +Larry's Garage in Lusby. He's been managing my cars & trucks for about 25 years... +Outback in Prince Frederick +John's Barber shop in Prince Frederick
  7. Hessian

    "...building your students into better digital citizens..."

    Currently being forced to replace our teaching methods with Google EVERYTHING (Docs...sheets...drawing...forms...slides...classroom...suite) SOOO, am taking a multi hour course on how distance learning is integrated using this "platform" This is the Bill Gates ecstasy dream: chats, art...
  8. Hessian

    Marking the Ballot Envelope with R/D!

    I would like verification,...and image would be best. Someone just complained that our MAIL IN Ballots have a place to indicate whether the voter is a registered Republican or Democrat ON THE OUTSIDE of the ENVELOPE!:faint: Does anyone have a sample of this? I want some clarity that this would...
  9. Hessian

    Somd News poll: Open or Keep schools locked down? VOTE now

    Poll is open til Thursday am. Right now running 36 %open...64%closed. (7:40 pm) Log in & vote... You voice your mind on this...
  10. Hessian

    Well, Just because I need Ukrainians singing Earth, Wind & Fire...

    Some days you just need it....
  11. Hessian

    The left just picked up a trick for the Fall election

    Did you notice ALL the stock indices tanked today starting at 1:30? Analysts were watching strongly positive day suddenly collapse--and the market get sketchy... Why? Governor Newsome announced remote learning for two massive school districts in the Fall and also re-ordered indoor businesses to...
  12. Hessian

    Someone might just need a change of direction today...

    Collective Soul,...with a powerful video.
  13. Hessian

    Dinner OUT for Monday 6-8?

    Could use some local advice. Any Marina's...nice outdoor restaurants open for MONDAY evening? Who needs our stimulus cash? (For good food & service??)
  14. Hessian

    Prince Frederick "March" 6-1 AAR

    After Action report: BLM activists held a rally then a march through part of PF in the PM yesterday. PLENTY of phones capturing the amusements of an entitled crowd. Evans had to deploy the riot gear, throw some tear gas and somebody claimed rubber bullets. Out-of-town plates connect the dots to...
  15. Hessian

    Stage 2...and 50% restaurants

    Forgive my uncertainty (considering the conflicting info being circulated) but are there any restaurants that have opened their wait-tables to 50% capacity yet? Outdoor seating? If there some timeline when we should be expecting this reversal of tyranny? NC is already allowing...
  16. Hessian

    Del Bigtree...covering Covid 19>>"The Highwire"

    The HighWire with Del Bigtree Quarter million followers...and I see why. On Facebook. This guy is on top of the stories...the research,...the protests...the missed opportunities. And I am not seeing the typical conspiracy theory accusations...but his bulletins are very informative. We missed an...
  17. Hessian

    Curious about Blood thinners...& Covid 19

    Fact: The elderly have a higher mortality from Covid 19 Respiratory issue are central to this infection. Research says that the ability of red blood cells to carry essential oxygen to the organs is inhibited by Covid 19 So...Nurses, & Doctors: since many elderly patients take blood thinners to...
  18. Hessian

    Some might need a little boost:

    Behold Our God... He, in charge.
  19. Hessian

    2/3 of all Md Chi-Com virus' 3 Md Counties

    And the winner is......👏 Montgomery county with 1/3 of the entire state. Where is the other 1/3? PG & Howard of course for the runner ups. Yes my friends, St Mary's has none, Calvert..ONE. And we hide the survivors of the Walking Dead...counting our TP rolls and hoping we could make a run to a...
  20. Hessian

    Need Three+ yards of top soil--Calvert

    I need screened topsoil for some raised beds. Not in the mood to buy 8.00/bag at the hardware store. Who can reliably deliver 3+ yards in Calvert & not break the bank?