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  1. BadGirl


    Happy Day to one of my most favorite people on the planet. Yay, Christy!:thewave::bdaycake:
  2. BadGirl

    CA Gov: Keep your mask on between bites of food

    You could save a shiat ton of money on napkins, though. #brightside #unintentionalbenefit
  3. BadGirl

    Coconut gelatin

    I recently picked up some peach, mango, apricot and pineapple bulk jello. Imma planning on making jello shots with them, in various concoctions. They'll be delicious!
  4. BadGirl

    St. Mary's Co. Congratulations to St. Mary's Sheriff's Office Corrections Graduates

    I pray for their safety and am thankful for their dedication to our Community.
  5. BadGirl

    St. Mary's Co. Ethanol-free Fuel?

    Wow! You invested a lot of time in a thoughtful and helpful post. Thank you very much!
  6. BadGirl

    St. Mary's Co. Ethanol-free Fuel?

    We tried this feature, and it identified a few places that were local. but when Bob when to fuel up, they didn't even carry the product. 🤷
  7. BadGirl

    St. Mary's Co. Ethanol-free Fuel?

    Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions. Your help is much appreciated.
  8. BadGirl

    St. Mary's Co. Ethanol-free Fuel?

    Who sells ethanol-free fuel in the Southern MD area, favoring the LexPk area? We need some.
  9. BadGirl

    Pier 450 starting training sittings this weekend

    The Crab and Corn Soup is alone worth the drive. If you eat nothing other than this soup, you will leave a very happy person.
  10. BadGirl

    Lowe's Veteran's Discount?

    Nobody ever tells you anything. :drama:
  11. BadGirl

    The old Schieble's in Ridge

    The food and cocktails at Pier450 are DELICIOUS!
  12. BadGirl

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    What is going between the Lexington Park Hyundai dealership and the WaWa? Expansion of the dealership, or something else?
  13. BadGirl

    Good Morning My Neighbors!

    Tell me your favorite thing about me, Smooth.
  14. BadGirl

    What Do You Watch?

    Since mid-March, we've watched: Better Call Saul The Crown Versaille Home Fires Belgravia Downton Abby Doctor Thorne Homeland Billions Shameless The Tudors plus others I can't remember.....
  15. BadGirl

    Hey DoWhat!

    Happy birthday to one of my favorite people! Cheers! Having said that, I still don't know how you ended up with your gorgeous wife. ;)
  16. BadGirl

    First Dead People, now Cats...

    As if I needed just one more reason to hate cats.
  17. BadGirl

    So When do the Masks Come Off?

    Well, the opposing argument would be: If you are so afraid of catching something, then stay the hell at home.
  18. BadGirl


    Thanks for that, by the way. I had forgotten that I had done that. :whistle:
  19. BadGirl

    ISO Info Local Plumber

    Donald "Duck" Johnson. We've used him a few times, with great success at a reasonable price. 301-904-9486
  20. BadGirl

    Hello charcoal toothpaste

    Let me introduce you to my husband......