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  1. kom526

    Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it

    are doomed to repeat it. Jews in NY. Christians everywhere.
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    The end of an era ...

    Going up for auction Nov. 7
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    What the what?

    Hello! We have 5 golden shepherd puppies almost ready to be adopted into loving homes! They will have their first round of vaccines and be dewormed. They are a pure mix with their mother being an AKC registered german shepherd and father is a Kennel Union of Southern Africa registered golden...
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    Campus Covid Craziness

    My son's school had what the administration considers an "outbreak" and the entire student body has been locked down for the week. 10 new cases on one week is their outbreak. No in person classes, all club and organization meetings cancelled, you can leave your dorm only to eat and for medical...
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    IT'S HERE!!

    Early IN PERSON voting starts today@ Early Voting 2020 PRESIDENTIAL GENERAL ELECTION DATES: Monday October 26, 2020 through Monday November 2, 2020 Voting Hours: 7 AM-8 PM (Everyday including Sat. & Sun) The Early Voting location is: Hollywood Firehouse Main Building 24801 Three Notch Road...
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    Make up your damned mind!

    Is it 'mansplaining or not? Then there is clucking ass hen:
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    Are your rights "inalienable"?

    In case you haven't heard :lol: FB and Twitter are both suspending accounts, deleting links and generally deciding to become publishers as opposed to the platforms they purport to be. Here we are 19 days away from a presidential election and the two major social media "platforms" are...
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    Oops! you missed it!
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    Dem Donk gets Dunked on

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    Holy Cow! This is hilarious

    and VERY disturbing.
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    This Friday!

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    More nothing to see here
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    Thank you Larry, Xi Ping Pong and SMCHD!

    Another victim of this ridiculous reaction to the Chinese Flu. Quade’s store is shutting down. This will be their last weekend.
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    Looks like I’ll be getting dox’ed

    By the helicopter moms at my son’s college. One of them posted in the FB group that there needs to be a snitch line to rat out their school mates. My response? “I think that’s a terrible idea.” Yeah, that was not this squad of HOA board members wanted to hear. They just want to raise the next...
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    Best phone notification

    For 2020 Check out this Notification sound from @Zedge #Zedge #Notification sound
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    School starts 31 AUG

    Do yourself or grandchild a favor and log on to Schoology and get everything set up now. The platform went live earlier today. We just went through the set up with komlet #2 and it did take about 15-20 minutes to set all the permissions etc. We were able to do a test Google meet so he gets...
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    Debate observation

    So Nancy says: A Biden/Trump debate would expose the fact that the Dem candidate would be an emperor with no clothes if he were to win. Therefore, it is the mission of the DNC to try...
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    The Rittenhouse Incident

    Young Kyle was grossly over charged without a doubt. Here is a definitive Twitter thread from the NYT. Yes, The New York effin Times!
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    Beautiful boating day

    We finally got the Chaparral back in the water today and it ran like a dream .... for 25 minutes. :doh: Seems like it is bad gas giving us the business, so we just cruised around at 11-15 knots for several hours just sightseeing and burning gas. Big plans to do it again next weekend too. I'm not...
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    Who will pay attention? COVID policies

    This is an epic twitter thread that brings data to debunk the whole "lockdowns save lives" mantra.