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  1. vraiblonde

    We are ALWAYS being played by these people
  2. vraiblonde

    Kamala Harris drunk AF

    No, really: Who is voting for these people????
  3. vraiblonde

    OMG they JUST had a freaking hearing yesterday

    And today Twitter has banned the Border Patrol account for posting about the wall progress. :banghead: WTF is wrong with these people???
  4. vraiblonde

    There must be a reckoning for the destructive Left The whole piece should be mandatory reading but here are some highlights: In other words, the gloves will have to come off and the institutional power sources engaged...
  5. vraiblonde

    Q3 GDP up 33%

    Not gonna hear that on the progbot cult news.
  6. vraiblonde

    Facebook censors the SMC Sheriff's Office

    Here is the post: Here's what you get when you try to share it: Facebook thinks our Sheriff's Office is a spammer, ya'll. Remember that when you use them exclusively to advertise your business or event.
  7. vraiblonde

    New Trump commercial

    M-A-G-A :roflmao:
  8. vraiblonde


    ....I could live without seeing every Trump or Biden rally. I don't know if other news channels are doing it but Fox is showing every single one of them (the good news is that Joe only does one a week or so before he has to go back to bed and rest). You seen one, you seen 'em all.
  9. vraiblonde

    They mad

    The batshits respond:
  10. vraiblonde

    Happy birthday Herb749!

    Hope you have an amazing day! :party:
  11. vraiblonde

    Last week before the election

    This is when all the dirt starts to fly. Fun times!
  12. vraiblonde

    Twitter's not even pretending to be fair now

    Screenshot: What is this oh so sensitive content that they must protect you from? Which is pretty hilarious considering the topic of the op-ed. :lmao:
  13. vraiblonde

    "Four more years of George....uh...George....."

    Is there a thread yet dedicated to Biden's "senior" moments? So anyway, this is why his handlers won't let him get out there and campaign. But it is pretty hilarious that the durhards have spent 4 years whining about Trump's speaking skills, and now this. :roflmao:
  14. vraiblonde

    Twitter just locked me out for 12 hours

    Because I called Chelsea Handler a skank. :roflmao: Death threats against our President and his family = OK Threatening violence against Trump supporters = OK Calling Chelsea Handler a skank = NOT OK :lmao:
  15. vraiblonde

    Attacking and doxing nuns

    I'm not making that up. Peter Vroom (what a name) is a Deep Stater Never Trump dick. The comments will make your head explode, but this one in particular: Are Democrats just all effing stupid?? "Coyotes???" "Oh, look, it's a wedding ring!" Mother of GOD! :banghead: And they...
  16. vraiblonde

    How can these people be so stupid?

    How do they not know what a "coyote" is, with regard to transporting illegal aliens? This explains Joe's scoffing when Trump said these kids are being brought across the border by coyotes - Biden snorted and laughed and said, "No, they're not" like that was completely ridiculous. Now I...
  17. vraiblonde

    Trump parades

    We saw an enormous one yesterday going through downtown New Braunfels. There had to have been 50 cars, and those are just the ones we saw - it went on for quite a stretch. I've never seen this happen with any other presidential candidate, the parades and rally turnout and unbridled enthusiasm...
  18. vraiblonde


    This is a satire piece meant for humor, but they don't say that until the very end and you'll forgive me for thinking it was real in light of the stuff that IS real these days.
  19. vraiblonde

    Nicolle Wallace

    I learned something today - or maybe I already knew but had forgotten. Noted Trump hater and MSNBC disinformation spewer Nicolle Wallace is supposedly a Republican. She was Dubya's Comm Director and McCain's campaign advisor. If you ever watched Nicolle Wallace, you would peg her quickly as a...
  20. vraiblonde

    Iran and Russia trying to manipulate our elections

    Yeah, and...? Why is this "breaking news"? They've been doing this ever since I can remember, and we do it to them too. Duh. Honestly, if you get taken in by "Russian disinformation :cds: :jameo: " you shouldn't be allowed to vote at all. I don't know why we let ****ing stupid people...