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    Acres of hardwood trees in jeopardy over local solar project Why can't panels be mounted on existing High Voltage transmission towers or on the "right of ways" that are already clear cut and maintained by the utilities? Md. has hundreds of miles of transmission...
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    Indestructible Ground cover for a dogs backyard

    We have 2 fairly large dogs with about a half acre fenced in yard. Roughly half is wooded, and the other half was once a nice semi-shaded lawn. They are young and energetic, playing and chasing each other for several hours each day between indoor naps. I am looking to plant anything that will...
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    Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste Interesting.
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    Chincoteague seafood/sights?

    Taking a quickee, mini trip to Chincoteague this weekend. Never been before and would like some recommendations on restaurants, and things not to miss. Assateague and Wallops visitor center are already on the list. If anyone knows a killer seafood place I should not miss, please advise.
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    How about SOMD BBQ? Who's your favorite?

    The sandwich thread got me thinking about BBQ. What is your go to spot for an all around meal, not one item ie. ribs, pulled pork, etc. Everything including sides if you were getting a meal for friends/family?
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    "FALSE" Trojan Horse SWF_c detected by AVG?

    I keep getting this threat warning only when reading forum threads on this site. When I looked into it AVG said in December that these were false positives and would be fixed in the next update. I never got this warning until today, immediately after an AVG update. Now it makes reading threads...
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    Ding Dong the witch is dead.

    Or hopefully at least going away.
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    Is the Royal Tea Room in LaPlata still open?

    My wife has been calling them for several weeks to arrange an outing for next weekend, and has been getting the same answering machine message, "Due to an unforeseen emergency we will be closed for the next week". She has been calling for over 3 weeks and can't find any more information. No...
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    How is State Farm Insurance still in business?

    Luckily I have never had to hire a lawyer in my life, til now. I was hit by a State Farm client in April, their fault, no question as per Va.State Trooper. Now trying to settle hospital, doctor, & ambulance bills and cannot reach any claims rep. Spent an hour on hold this morning. Hung up called...
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    Oh No! Babs is retiring!

    Sure gonna miss her. :hot:
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    ISIS victims?

    Why do all of the victims in the ISIS beheadings, or murder by arson, seem so sheeplike? The victims appear to go meekly to their deaths? Are they drugged? Brainwashed? Families threatened? Or scared S###less of the torture promised if they are not compliant in their own execution? It just...
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    Cheating liars or lying cheaters?

    Some poor dumb ball boy will probably get the blame.
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    Detroit Lion Scumbags For the first and hopefully last time in my life I will root for the Cowboys to win. Suh should never be allowed to play again. I hope every lineman for the rest of his career goes for the dirtiest chop...
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    Why is the crowd noise so loud on TV

    Trying to watch the Little League World Series on ESPN2 right now. The crowd noise is so loud that impossible to understand the announcers. I have also noticed this on football, and basketball games for the last couple of years. Am I the only one annoyed by this seemingly recent change in the...
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    The most stupidest development ever built

    New Brandywine shopping center. Route 5(Branch Ave.) and 301 combine. Bad for decades. Add multiple stoplights and watch the games begin. 11 injured after multiple car accident in Md., Rt. 301 closed |
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    General Practice Dr. in St. Mary's?

    Looking for a General Practice Doctor taking new Patients in Mechanicsville, Charlotte Hall or Leonardtown areas. Any recommendations or warnings?
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    Homeless monkeys need your help

    SOMD is inundated with capuchin monkeys. Check out the classifieds under Dogs for sale. There must be 15 monkeys up for adoption all posted on 8/9 and 8/10. All from different locations around Maryland. Is this a scam or has every monkey loving family decided give up their well trained and...
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    KIX are not only for kids

    One of the bands that played the Stardust in Waldorf, and the old Club Sunrise in Charlotte Hall in the eighties will be @ Merriwether Post tomorrow night. Anybody that frequented those fine venues will surely remember them. Hope that I am not the oldest and fattest b####rd there.
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    Raised bed gardening ideas wanted

    I am looking to build a raised bed around existing blueberries and a new asparagus patch. Looking for ideas from experienced gardeners, as to best materials to use. Redwood? Cedar? Concrete Block? What are the advantages, disadvanteges of each. Where are good sources near No. St. Mary's?
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    Update on Accidental Shooting @ St. Charles Range?

    I have not been able to find any updates on the accidental shooting from ealy March. Have any details been released?