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  1. DoWhat

    Home Central Vacuum Sevice

    Does anybody know of a local company that services home central vacuums?
  2. DoWhat

    Retirement Financial Advisor

    That specializes with the Federal Retirement system (FERS). Has anybody dealt with anybody locally, that you would recommend? Search on-line only shows the Metro area.
  3. DoWhat

    Why are democratic females wearing white at the SOTU Isn't that racist?
  4. DoWhat

    Missing $190 Million I wonder if anyone has tried password (all lower case)?
  5. DoWhat

    Thank You

    David & Vrai for all your hard work and long hours, upgrading the forums.
  6. DoWhat

    Va. Gov. Northam

    Yearbook Picture. Can't believe I don't see a post about this.
  7. DoWhat

    Wind is picking up

    How cold will we get? Will we lose power? Are you ready?
  8. DoWhat

    Super Bowl 2019

    Which teams do you see in the Super Bowl this year?
  9. DoWhat

    Merry Christmas All

    Enjoy. Their voices are amazing. Pentatonix
  10. DoWhat

    NFL Sports Announcers

    As most of you know, I am a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, they sucked today losing to Indy. Tony Romo sucks as a NFL announcer. Somebody please tell him to shut the “F” up.
  11. DoWhat

    Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket Max

    Free today. Channels 701 through 715
  12. DoWhat

    To All of You Vets

    Thank you for your service. :yay:
  13. DoWhat

    Callaway, Mexican Restaurant

    House of Taco's? Not sure of the name. Has anybody tried it yet?
  14. DoWhat

    Meet our new little friend

  15. DoWhat

    Home Safe

    Do you have any good recommendations for a good home safe? Guns Documents Money ??? Thanks.
  16. DoWhat

    RIP Pretty Girl

    She was a Great companion for 13 years.
  17. DoWhat

    Maryland HQL

    How long did yours take after submitting, to get approved?
  18. DoWhat

    The Defense Department is cracking down

    As it should.
  19. DoWhat

    Federal Employees

    2019 may not be looking to good.
  20. DoWhat


    Just finished ours. :bawl: