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  1. Merlin99

    Buying a pistol

    Thinking of buying my son a pistol for his birthday, how do you do it? Don't want it to be considered a straw purchase and also he lives in Virginia. What hoops have to be jumped through or asses kissed to do this?
  2. Merlin99

    Why Trump

    I was sent this on Facebook and I'm not claiming it as my own, but I liked some of the thoughts in it. [/FONT] [/FONT] [/FONT]
  3. Merlin99

    Japan to withdraw from the IWC and resume commercial whaling

    I have no problem with this, but you know it's going to be a live grenade in the near future. I suspect that Japan is going to start sending armed escorts out with the whaling fleet as protection from the Antifa navy. How Trump caused this I don't know, but you can be sure it will come up...
  4. Merlin99

    Next pick

    So anyone can see that RBG is circling the drain and hasn't got a whole lot of time left on the meter, who do you see as the next pick and what is the strategy going to be for stopping it? My selection is going to be Amy Comey Barrett and the strategy is an impeached president is not allowed to...
  5. Merlin99

    Schools out

    So Montgomery county wants to let students out to attend political rallies / protests. Guaranteed that the rules will change the first time they find out a student attended a Patriots Pride rally...
  6. Merlin99

    Who's in the running for 2020?

    Kamala Harris Corey Booker Hillary Bernie Michael Bloomberg ? Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden CPL (don't know his real name) Eric Holder Mostly going for the D side. I can see some good fights in this bunch and I think Kamala might stab anyone in her way.
  7. Merlin99

    Panama city

    Sorry Vrai, looks like it's going to get whacked pretty good. My son's in the AF there and they just got the evacuation orders.
  8. Merlin99

    Where's the fire?

    Looked like every piece of fire equipment in st. Mary's county just went over the bridge towards Solomons island.
  9. Merlin99

    Next McCain thread

    Do you think CNN would be devoting nearly as much time to his passing if it weren't for Trump? I think his spat with Trump has done more for his news appeal than 30+ years in politics.
  10. Merlin99

    Next McCain thread

    Do you think CNN would be devoting nearly as much time to his passing if it weren't for Trump? I think his spat with Trump has done more for his news appeal than 30+ years in politics.
  11. Merlin99

    "Fixing" the Supreme Court

    Now that the D's are finding out that they aren't going to have a say in selecting the next SC nominee they're trying to change the game to back in. The latest is to bring back the old FDR idea of packing the SC with a bunch of lefties. That is as soon as the have the oval office and a majority...
  12. Merlin99

    What's the outcome if the dems lose seats?

    Even if they've just not won as many as they expected? Which cities riot, which ones have parties, which ones have increased suicide rates. And then when Trump wins again are these the same cities?
  13. Merlin99

    So kilts?

    I decided I'm going to get a utility kilt and started looking on line for it. I found this site And I swear they just got a truckload of the ugliest tranny's ever to model for them, way to sell the product guys. Did you hire them just...
  14. Merlin99

    Good news

    My cousin is in surgery getting a new liver and kidney. I know it's bad news for someone's family, but I didn't think it was going happen in time. He can point to the day his liver damage was caused. He took 4 extra strength Tylenol and two doses of cold medicine which also contains...
  15. Merlin99

    Upcoming events

    Next weekend (4/21/18)is the MAFF fireworks show. the following weekend is the southern Maryland Celtic festival
  16. Merlin99

    Hey Vrai and Monello

    New place to try when you get back in town, , Haven't stopped in yet since they just opened today, but it does smell good. It seemed to be a restaurant post kind of day.
  17. Merlin99

    when you really have to reach to find something to bitch about...

    I think that this line may be the funniest out of the whole story The CBC is worried that something reflects negatively on the house, without realizing that they themselves reflect more negatively on the house...
  18. Merlin99

    Indefinite detention for immigrants

    The Supreme Court rules that immigrants aren't required to have a bond hearing and the libs go ballistic. This is made more amusing by the fact that the most liberal president in decades brought the suit...
  19. Merlin99

    How old do you have to be to not be a child?

    Getting tired of seeing these 17-18 year olds being called children. There are a good portion of us out here that had adult lives at these ages. At 17 and some months I'd graduated and moved to Alaska, several people I know had joined the military by then. So what's the childhood cutoff? I'd...
  20. Merlin99

    North Carolina father-daughter couple arrested for incest after having love child

    So, after the divorce does she have to change her name? Any guesses on how it plays out? I'm going to guess that charges get dropped just so it doesn't go to court and set some sort of precedent...