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  1. NextJen

    Maryland may raise smoking age to 21

    From Southern Maryland Online news - Maryland may raise smoking age to 21. What a great idea! Such impressionable, vulnerable, young children that don't know how to make good decisions must be protected! Oh yeah, while we're at it, let's lower the voting age to 16 because they can make such...
  2. NextJen

    '90's Teen Drama, Beverly Hills 90210 to air new episodes

    Some things are better off not coming back.....your ex, herpes, 90210....
  3. NextJen

    Smow tomorrow

    Looks like the forecast keeps bumping up the accumulation. Hope everyone has made it to the store before the Apocalypse hits tonight.
  4. NextJen

    Why do people care if President Trump has a dog?

    Who cares? But, if he did get a dog, I think he should get a Russian Spaniel just for the heck of it.
  5. NextJen

    What are your thoughts on the President's new proposal for immigration and ending the shutdown?

    Good, bad? What did you like, not like? Did he go far enough in compromise, or too far? If you missed it, here it is:
  6. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Bonehead!

    :bdaycake: Enjoy! :cheers:
  7. NextJen

    Favorite appetizers for parties

    I typically do meatballs in a crockpot with a sweet and sour sauce. I've done the sauce using bbq sauce mixed with grape jelly and that turns out pretty well. For this years party I'm thinking I'll actually make the meatballs myself instead of using frozen. I saw a recipe earlier today for...
  8. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Kyle!

    :bdaycake: :cheers:
  9. NextJen

    The Boy Scouts of America

    Oh how far you have fallen.
  10. NextJen

    Geminid meteor shower December 13 - look up!

    Tonight will be the night to look up and watch the show! Best viewed if you are in an area without a lot of street lights. It also helps if you have a reclining lawn chair so you don't hurt your neck looking up. Enjoy...
  11. NextJen


    Ok, I know it's not food or even nutritious, but I do enjoy trying new/good bourbons. So, what is your favorite? I've tried a lot of good, and some not so good whiskeys. One of my favorites (that I can never find anywhere) is Blanton's.
  12. NextJen

    Scorpion Brewery

    Shout out to a local brewery that always has something new to try. This Winter Ale sounds good. I copied the information below from the Community Calendar. Location: Scorpion Brewing, 929 Skinners Turn Rd, Owings, MD Date: 11/29/2018 Start Time: 5:00 PM End Time: 8:00 PM (03:00...
  13. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Pete!

    Enjoy! :bdaycake::cheers:
  14. NextJen

    Bond for Probate - Calvert County

    Can anyone recommend where I can get a nominal bond in Calvert County? I will be the personal representative of an estate and have been told I need to get a bond of a certain amount. Any recommendations or experiences appreciated. TIA
  15. NextJen

    Kavanaugh proves his innocence

    Well, there you have it.
  16. NextJen

    Let's suppose for a moment that Kavanaugh is not confirmed

    Or, maybe he is and then Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat opens up. Either way, if President Trump has to appoint another Supreme Court Justice, what will the Dems pull out against the next person? What is left in their arsenal? When will the public wise up to these character assassinations?
  17. NextJen

    Weight Watchers will now be WW

    Their new tag line will be, 'Wellness that Works'. I thought the 'WW' stood for Winfrey's Windfall.
  18. NextJen

    Happy birthday, GWguy!

    :bdaycake: :cheers:
  19. NextJen

    Casey Jones Restaurant to close

    Just saw someone post about this on FB, then I found this article:
  20. NextJen

    Who should President Trump select for SCOTUS?

    He already had a short list together. Who do you think he should pick? I've seen some folks speculate (or wish for) Trey Gowdy.