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    Just not THIS president

    That's exactly what that woman thought when she was stabbed in her house by an illegal. Quite the show in your little theater.
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    Trump announces

    Well, the US aviation industry performs much better than the Third world at maintaining them. But being the democrats are currently in charge of funding, we should expect third world status in 3, 2 1...
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    Is a Second Civil War Coming?

    Talk about ignorant. Call Gurps Comrade. Yes you are obviously siding with "Democrats". In case you haven't noticed, They are now, Democratic Socialists or Outright communists. Be very careful what you vote for!
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    Trump Ordered Officials to Give Jared Kushner a Security Clearance

    The whole thread is useless. The last CinC wasn't even qualified for a security clearance.
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    Va. Gov. Northam

    If you look at the timing of his televised abortion discussion with Rep Trans. Within a day or so he's being called to resign due to the picture. I would say someone just provided ammo to get him out of office to quit making the Dems look like a bunch of Baby Killers.
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    “some White people may have to die"

    Then you shouldn't find this racist. Stupidity is at it peak among Democratic supporters, we can only hope their belief system dies with them. Be careful, the hispanics are taking your place on the plantation!
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    Shutdown bites economy,

    :bann: OMG, The Sky is falling! Run for your life. Trump can't do anymore damage to the economy than ANY delusioncrat.
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    President Trump went to 'extraordinary lengths' to hide details of Putin meetings, report says

    Jesus, you consider Socialism Smart. You truly are an idiot. 1. It's call Executive Privilege. 2. We had no business in Syria. Haven't ever had any dealings with them. Obama got us in there, the Intelligent one got us out. I could go on, but you would only allow your small mind to implode.
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    Man Wheels Deer Carcass Into Walmart To Distract Security While He Steals Beer

    Uh, have you been to the Wal~Mart in California, MD? I absolutely avoid the place if possible!!
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    Donald Trump’s Nationalist Moment

    Did you actually get spittle on your monitor? You freaken libs need to quit drooling and blathering. It's really a word you Democrupts want to relate to NAZI's. And in your small feeble, clueless minds you have already made that jump. Please take your adderall!
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    Democrats promise to make Trump’s life a living hell.... Up to $18 Mil! by 310K.
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    And so it begins

    Actually, he's obviously a liberal = CLUELESS. On all matters!!
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    Trump Foundation forced to shut down

    Oh Oh, Here comes the Communist News Network!
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    Do we really need a 40 hr work week ?

    But, You didn't build that!! :)
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    Roger Stone Pal Admits he was asked to help in Collusion with Russia by obtaining stolen DNC emails

    Really? If you believe the source! "Believe nothing of what you read, only 50% of what you see."
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    Trump's former lawyer Micheal Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress

    Nope, Not Stupid, Just corrupt and part of the deep state.
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    Manafort lawyer is said to have briefed Trump attorneys

    What the Mueller team is upset about is they aren't giving them the answers they want to hear. It's not about Truth, it's about painting the false picture of what they would like to believe to be true. This investigation is so bogus.