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    Sacrificing Security for Political Gains

    Could it be that our president is sacrificing Security for his Green policies? I was on a treadmill watching news when it was reported that the conflict had prevented the Kurds from shipping oil to the US. I did some research and found many reasons why that Oil may not be making it to the...
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    Abolishing Nukes

    Is it me or does anyone else see financial/Political similarities between what President Reagan did to the USSR and its collapse? I mean we see several players creating a tremendous financial and political trouble with our CinC who is totally out of his league on the world front, well any...
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    Our Incompetent Congress

    Interesting read. Please remember this next month. Hopefully we can do our part and get our incompetent one out of there. This time next month I hope and pray to be saying, "Buh, Bye Steny!"
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    Illegal Immigration Argument

    I found this to be an interesting argument the removal of citizenship on illegals on the post. We should get a referendum to have it voted on!
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    Where has this paid Obamanut gone?? :lmao: