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  1. my-thyme

    Corned Beef

    My son invited me to dinner, he had made corned beef and cabbbage for the day. Everyone said it was great. I tried it - again. Nope, just dont like it.
  2. my-thyme

    Distinguishing Features When I heard this on the radio, 18 yrs old, red hair, brown eyes, I immediately thought we were looking for a white girl. Started wondering if her hair was long or short, just how red it was, natural or...
  3. my-thyme

    Used Car Seat Disposal

    So, I have a couple of child car seats that have expired (yes, they have expiration dates), and DIL won't let me use them. Anyone know where I can recycle them, or do I just pitch them in the dumpster? TIA
  4. my-thyme

    Good Morning,

  5. my-thyme


    I started drinking coffee 5 years ago, while spending 7 days in the hospital while my husband recovered from heart surgery. I was in my 50's. Yeah, my first foray into coffee was hospital coffee. shutter I've recently discovered the French press. What a delicious cup of coffee! So, how old...
  6. my-thyme

    What Am I Missing? So, this woman lost the governor race in GA, is not a senator, and she's giving the response to our president's state of the union address? And I don't even see anywhere in this story...
  7. my-thyme

    Elderly Couple leave Cats behind

    An elderly couple we know passed within 8 months of each other. They left behind 2 cats that are looking for a home. One male, one female, both fixed. BIG cats, very sweet, both purr a storm. They look like siblings, but I don't know that for sure. Between 5 and 8 yrs old. I currently have...
  8. my-thyme

    NAS gates today

    Anyone know what gates onto Pax River are open today? I went to the website, but couldn't find the info. TIA
  9. my-thyme

    564 printer ink

    Just bought ink, used up all the colored cartridges trying to clean the heads and get the black working. After 2 hrs of great fun today, went to Best Buy and got a new printer (which I should have done 2 hrs sooner). So, I've got an almost brand new 564XL black cartridge. Can anyone here use it?
  10. my-thyme

    Before I Went to Bed Last Night.....

    .....I filled the sink with hot, bubbly water and set the pot I used to boil pasta to soak in said water. And promptly forgot about it. This morning, the water is neither hot nor bubbly. I hate that.
  11. my-thyme

    Call Me An Ole Fuddy-Duddy

    ....but I really wish the few businesses I frequent on Great Mills Road would move. What is somebody doing out there at 4:30am that they're "finding" a body?
  12. my-thyme

    Where is That ignore Button.....

    ......there goes another one, or three.....
  13. my-thyme

    Good Morning!

    It's a beautiful morning.....
  14. my-thyme

    We Need Rain!

    I sure hope these clouds are gonna drop some rain on us, my garden is DRY!
  15. my-thyme

    Flour Warning

    Been baking this morning. Had to open a new bag of flour. Did you know flour now has a warning label? COOK BEFORE SNEAKING A TASTE Flour is RAW please cook fully before enjoying Nope, let me get a spoon and eat all of this, as is. Christ, what is this world coming to?
  16. my-thyme

    Look at former President Bush

    shaking hands with all the secret service guys as he walks from his car. So classy. TV on while I'm puttering around. This just jumped out at me.
  17. my-thyme

    Decent News Sources

    So, I see so many bashing other's news sources. What are you favorite sources? Those you consider unbiased, please.
  18. my-thyme

    Who Serves Brunch?

    Friend looking for a brunch spot, St Marys/lower Calvert. He wants a hole-in-the-wall yummy place, I suggested Tall Timbers. Any other suggestions?
  19. my-thyme

    Good Morning

    ...everyone! :starcat: Apple Crisp for breakfast!
  20. my-thyme

    speaking of Schwarzenegger.....

    Just curious here, and I hate to stir the normal "how dare you insinuate" forumites, but did Arnold do movies/TV shows while in office? I ask because we caught an episode of NCIS recently with Ms Obama. And I was totally taken back when Mr. and Mrs. were in Pitch Perfect II. I remember Mrs...