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  1. PeoplesElbow

    Panda Express, Prince Frederick...

    I've always thought Panda Express had the best tasting fried rice of any Chineseish place I have eaten at, with one exception. The exception was one of those places where nobody spoke English and the cook was making the food with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, that place hadn't been...
  2. PeoplesElbow

    Some idiot on RT235

    If you tailgate then the light is not in your eyes. Besides, someone that will do that sort of thing is more likely the tailgater.
  3. PeoplesElbow

    Top Pathologist Claims COVID-19 Is "The Greatest Hoax

    This guy should know better, he may be an expert, but unless he has studied this virus heavily he is just making educated guesses and stating his opinion. I have my suspicions that the virus can transmit as an aerosol, however the navy has stayed pretty consistant in saying close contact for...
  4. PeoplesElbow

    Some idiot on RT235

    Some idiot in a black hatchback had installed an off-road light bar on his rear bumper and had it turned on going down RT 235N about 600PM today.
  5. PeoplesElbow

    Christmas 2020

    Oh yes, she had to grab Christmas lights from her house back in July for my house here. I wish I knew what the hell to get her for Christmas, she said she needs some new bras lol.
  6. PeoplesElbow

    Party rockin' in the house tonight

    That's a well hung squash
  7. PeoplesElbow

    Christmas 2020

    Commenting on the Rockefeller center tree story.
  8. PeoplesElbow

    Christmas 2020

    Added branches? Hell I have some pines in my yard I want cut down, can I donate them to some worthy cause?
  9. PeoplesElbow, news!

    I got it blamed on a friend, was great.
  10. PeoplesElbow

    Biden approaches 80 million votes in historic victory

    A record turnout by percentage, record number of votes for both major candidates doesn't seem suspect?
  11. PeoplesElbow, news!

    Hell I did that just today
  12. PeoplesElbow

    Fox 5.... what happened???

    How do you know the clown is Jewish?
  13. PeoplesElbow

    Fox 5.... what happened???

    Angie Goff may be annoying but I sure wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers
  14. PeoplesElbow

    Thanksgiving Side Dishes
  15. PeoplesElbow

    Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    I use a carrot peeler after I cut in half
  16. PeoplesElbow

    Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Butternut squash!
  17. PeoplesElbow

    LA Times Blames Seven COVID Deaths On Small Maine Wedding That Victims Did Not Attend

    Boom, seven people I know caught it at work very recently.
  18. PeoplesElbow

    Must Be Near Christmas

    I noticed a few houses around me that put out lights at the start of the lockdown in March and was wondering if there was any significance to it.
  19. PeoplesElbow

    Same test, positive in one nostril, negative in the other

    It makes you more susceptible to the viruses and bacteria that your immune system would normally handle without you even knowing they were there.
  20. PeoplesElbow

    LA Times Blames Seven COVID Deaths On Small Maine Wedding That Victims Did Not Attend

    HIV doesn't actually kill you, it opens the door for other things that do though.