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  1. PSrada

    Air fryer recommendation

    Hey Ladies, ben looking around for an air fryer. Never had one or tried one but that cosori fryer reviews has me hooked to get one. Any recommendations or experience with them?
  2. PSrada

    Headphones for Kids

    Hey all - looking for some recommendations on headphones for my daughter who will be accompanying me to a few local, but loud, shows this summer. I was looking at the Jlab Audio JBuddies but figured there must be a bunch of you in this community that has some experience with this. Thanks in...
  3. PSrada

    WmiPrvSE using high CPU

    What Is this WmiPrvSE.exe, what does it do? It takes my PC resources 80-90% and how i resolve it. thanks
  4. PSrada

    Humidifier For Baby's Room ?

    There have so many humidifiers options in the market and I would like to know from the experience of your person who is a good humidifier for baby. I saw the Elektra ultrasonic cold / hot steam humidifier. How good are they? Is it worth the extra money to pay for this product compared to others?
  5. PSrada

    javascript:void(0) problem in browsers

    While hovering over a 'reply' button on a forum I am seeing Javascript Void 0 in Mozilla and Chrome. Also, hitting reply does nothing. So far I have... run antivirus, uninstalled Java and reinstalled previous version, disabled various plugins/extensions, rebooted PC, restarted browser. Can...
  6. PSrada

    Bath bomb recipe please

    I was looking for a home recipe for a make bath bombs and I can not find an easy recipe, but I'm sure people do it. I have been reading an article about bath bombs and was wondering if the oils in this kit are ok to use for the scent in the bath bombs Can anyone help, please?
  7. PSrada

    Riding Mower Advice With $1500 Budget

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a riding mower for my half acre lawn. My budget is $1500, so I certainly realize that I won't be able to get a top of the line mower! Still, I should be able to find something reliable, and reliability is my number one most important need in a mower. Anyway, could...