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    Where can I buy local pre-cooked lump crab meat in this area?

    Nlcks in Prince Frederick normally has it.

    Happy Happy Birthday FF!

    Happy Birthday FF, hope you have grear day.

    Celebrity Death watch

    'Gone With the Wind' star Olivia de Havilland dies at 104

    A new Roof is in my future

    G.H. Clark did our new roof used shingles


    Congrats on the new pup

    Happy Birthday Bann

    Happy Birthday Bann hope you have a great one

    Trudeau announces Canada is banning assault-style weapons

    Canada is banning assault-style weapons Canada has banned assault-style weapons following the murder of 22 people in the worst mass shooting in the country’s history, Justin Trudeauannounced on Friday. “These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number...

    Some officials are enjoying their new power

    erosion of rights


    3 day old donut and black coffee
  10. RPMDAD

    Someones insurance is going to go up

    Massive fire destroys, damages more than 3,500 rental cars near Florida airport A fire that burned for hours in a grassy area next to a Florida airport damaged or destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars before being contained late Friday night. The fire spanned 15 acres in an area where extra...
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    New York 'will soon be forced to bury bodies in a public park'

    Coronavirus: New York 'will soon be forced to bury bodies in a public park' as morgues are full New York may be forced to bury the bodies corpses of those who have died after contracting coronavirus in public parks as morgues are full and temporary makeshift facilities are reaching capacity...
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    I need a hug

    Sorry about your canary SG
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    I'm drinking...

    Enjoy your beer and i vote for another one
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    So there is already an extreme mask shortage for health care professionals and now Pennsylvania is telling residents to wear them if they leave their houses am i confused by this?
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    Somebody check on Gilligan

    ouch that hurts
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    Massive search underway in the Bay

    Marine units from local law enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard began a search of the Chesapeake Bay by boat and helicopter. Anne Arundel fire officials say a vessel and paddle were recovered around 7 p.m. east of Rockhold Creek in Deale. The search was called off around 7:30 p.m. due to...
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    Bill Withers Bill Withers, who wrote and sang a string of soulful songs in the 1970s that have stood the test of time, including “ Lean on Me, ” “Lovely Day” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” has died from heart complications, his family said in a statement to The Associated Press. He was 81. The...
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    Is all of this even legal??

    Sorry it was for boating. Under the executive order, no Marylander should leave their home except for an essential reason. Therefore, recreational boating is not allowed. Limited hunting and limited recreational fishing and crabbing can continue to provide sustenance, however social distancing...
  19. RPMDAD

    Is all of this even legal??

    I don't know, they have already outlawed fishing and boating to private citizens.
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    Please tell me these stores have limits in place.