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  1. jrt_ms1995

    Use a travel agency...or just book through cruise line?

    Cole's set us up on plane tickets to Europe a few years back. We had to have differing schedules (work), but wanted to be together as much as possible, and there were just so many options, seemingly changing daily, that we couldn't figure it out on our own and turned to Cole's. About an hour...
  2. jrt_ms1995

    Anyone else heard....

    He said "radial", not "rod"!
  3. jrt_ms1995

    Todays Visitor

    Raptor welfare! :lol:
  4. jrt_ms1995

    The fine folks in Saint Mary's County

    I've seen 3'-4' pines growing in some! 😃
  5. jrt_ms1995

    Ive been declared the winner too.....

    Just call me 12.63157894736842 then.
  6. jrt_ms1995

    56.4M and 1.352M

    1.73% of the "infected" population, 0.023% of the world's population; both statistically trivial (which was your point).
  7. jrt_ms1995

    Today's Rubin Report

    A warm and fuzzy feeling? That's kind of like a puppy. 🐶
  8. jrt_ms1995

    Thanksgiving - less than a week away

    Not on pizza, thank you very much!
  9. jrt_ms1995

    Klamath Dam

    Oh, no! That's animal abuse! The Constitution gives them equal superior rights, too, don'tcha know!
  10. jrt_ms1995

    Thanksgiving - less than a week away

  11. jrt_ms1995

    Desperately Seeking a Dachshund

    Although I can't say if she has a Dachshund, try Linda at Doodle Dawgs rescue in California, MD.
  12. jrt_ms1995

    Politics of Covid-19

    Looks like Death works only part days on weekends.
  13. jrt_ms1995

    The Election and the HEEs

    Yep, that's us!
  14. jrt_ms1995

    Blood Please

    Fixed your vast underestimate.
  15. jrt_ms1995

    Tough Dude or weak police

    Damned those UK news rags! :blushing:
  16. jrt_ms1995

    Tough Dude or weak police

    They're Brits; most have no means. :-(
  17. jrt_ms1995

    He fits in with CNN perfectly!

    I'm sure it's not personal; the majority of work meetings I've ever attended basically amounted to someone masturbating. :rolleyes:
  18. jrt_ms1995

    Kushner files to evict hundreds right after election

    After all, they have a right to free housing!
  19. jrt_ms1995

    Reloading components

    I don't know if they have what you're looking for, but Flat Broke Shooters has a table full of reloading materiel they got from an estate auction or something similar.