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    Another killing spree. Time to ban weapons We need common sense machete regulations.
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    The psychopath next door

    They live among us:
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    What do you call something thats not a wave

    Asking for a friend. #bluewavemyfoot
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    Photography studio

    I need a couple of professionally done headshots for promotional materials. Anyone know a photographer with a studio in the area who has a track record of doing this kind of work ?
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    The Omertà of Lexington Park

    Nobody say anything to nobody. Again, someone getting hurt while 'walking down the street'.
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    Winning !! SoMD style

    You can't make this #### up: Bbbut its just an herb.
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    Weaponized misconduct allegations Time to get a 24x7 body cam so you have a shot at defending yourself against this crap.
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    Garage door company

    Anyone has a good garage door company they can recommend ? Spring broke and it's one of those things that I dont like to mess with.
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    Attempted murder by arson Now there is someone who should see the full thirty years called for in the first degree arson count. Sadly, one of our Chuck Co judges is going to let him walk with 100 hrs of community...
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    Thats what we call a good outcome Car-jacker wraps robbed car around a utility pole in Suitland and dies. Too bad about the damage to the pole. And of course, the folks who got carjacked are out a car. Still, a dead...
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    NRP involved MVA And a miracle occured.
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    Blinds, curtains etc.

    Any recommendations for a professional who can do some blinds and curtains ?
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    Oh no, another untrained gun-nut wreaks havoc.

    This time in Indianapolis. I am sure he was there to fix some wiring issues.
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    It's like a caricature

    All the usual suspects united on one photo spread:
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    Local moving company recommendations

    I need a trustworthy local moving company to move the contents of a 4 bedroom home into another 4 bedroom home. Any recommendations ? Companies to stay away from ?
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    Local alarm contractors

    ...other than ADT and Vivint. I am looking for a local company to update a system and provide monitoring.
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    Some mugshots are just better than others
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    Making threads invisible

    Is there a way to make threads started by a blocked user invisible ? If i look at the forums, 1/2 the threads are started by the same user, usually nothing but a link to some headline from a news site. Between all this garbage it is impossible to find threads that are relevant to the local...
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    Next time,....

    Judges in SoMD are finally getting tough on the drug dealers. Here is a heroin dealer who got 20 years,...... . . . . ......with all but 4 days suspended. That'll teach her.
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    Cannabis makes you much more smarter !

    At a bit of a loss here.