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  1. PeoplesElbow

    Looking to sharpen a hand saw

    I know its a long shot but has anyone here ever had handsaws sharpened and set? I got a hold of two fairly nice Diston handsaws, a little rusty and somewhat dull but otherwise in good condition, one even has a nice rosewood handle. I would like someone who knows what they are doing to...
  2. PeoplesElbow

    Jesus Gurps

    14 of the top 15 threads have your picture on them, slow down man, don't have an aneurysm.
  3. PeoplesElbow

    Cleaning the toilet

    What is your favorite toilet cleaner? My favorite was the Vanish or Sani-Flush crystals that had a wintergreen smell to them, they were not environmentally friendly or something and cant be used any more.
  4. PeoplesElbow

    Looked like Starbucks was on fire

    Was at Harris Teeter earlier and there were a bunch of fire trucks at the Starbucks in front of it. Maybe they just smelled their burnt coffee?
  5. PeoplesElbow

    Man dead after port-a-potty fire

    How the hell does this happen?
  6. PeoplesElbow

    Government is getting a 2019 pay raise

    Looks like it will also be retroactive.
  7. PeoplesElbow

    Blow up the bathroom get the bomb squad I hear that almost every day at work.
  8. PeoplesElbow

    Waiting in a line to leave a store

    Does anyone else find it annoying to have to wait in a line to show a receipt to leave a store? I don't usually mind showing my receipt, but what I do mind is stopping, waiting in a line just to show some geriatric a receipt. The truth is they can't stop you, only an actual cop can stop you.
  9. PeoplesElbow

    OMG Hyundai insulted vegans

    To be fair Hyundai is wrong, buying a car is not worse than a vegan dinner party.
  10. PeoplesElbow

    Meat Gazer in Walmarts Bathroom
  11. PeoplesElbow

    Ice-T arrested for DUI, oops just a Leonardtown Teacher
  12. PeoplesElbow

    I miss videos

    Does anyone else miss really great music videos? In the 90's some of the videos were pure works of art, some were cheesy as could be, and others were just great. Often I thought of the video as important as the song itself. For example, simply beautiful and unexpected. cH_rfGBwamc...
  13. PeoplesElbow

    Wicker Furniture

    Is wicker fur nature still a thing? Or has it been relegated to the "old lady things" of the world that are no longer in? I told my mom I would take hers with me to Maryland and sell it on Craigslist since she no longer wants it. This stuff has never even been sat in because "thats not for...
  14. PeoplesElbow

    Wrapping gifts

    Anyone else hate wrapping gifts? I wish I could find this wrapping paper.
  15. PeoplesElbow

    Jeepers Creepers where did you get those peepers? I'm thinking she just couldn't see what she was doing.
  16. PeoplesElbow

    Ok which one of you is this?
  17. PeoplesElbow

    Free BJ's for all!

    Now that I got your attention, BJs has a sign out that says anyone can shop there just like a member can until Nov 4. So you get free BJs!
  18. PeoplesElbow

    Rock where to get and how much do i need?

    Looking for some rock, I think I need a fairly small load, but still way too much to buy it by the bag at Lowes. Want something a bit smaller than what you would put on a driveway, it's for putting under a deck and as a base for a stepping stone sidewalk. Now how do you estimate how...
  19. PeoplesElbow

    Junk Hauler?

    I have some construction waste to get rid of, it would take 3-4 loads in my smallbox pickup to get it all to the dump. Anyone know of someone reasonably priced that could haul it away in a small dump truck? Its mostly pressure treated lumber.
  20. PeoplesElbow

    Painting my SMECO electric meter

    Think SMECCO would have a #### fit if I painted my electric meter to match my siding? It must be 40 years old and is quite faded and bad looking. I would like to paint it to blend into the siding, which is a beige. I don't plan on painting over the glass portion just incase anyone was...