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  1. Toxick

    Flying out west

    So I have an extended Christmas Vacation and I'm looking to fly away. Usually when I fly, someone else (my company) handles the travel arrangements including buying the ticket. So I don't know a lot about buying tickets. What's the best website to find the cheapest tickets?
  2. Toxick

    Nikki Haley to Replace Jeff Sessions~!!

    …. is a headline I'm looking forward to reading.
  3. Toxick


    Has not had a hit song in 5 years. Now he is just somebody that we used to know.
  4. Toxick

    Austin Bomber. Terrorism?

    I just looked at a survey where over 75% of the people said that the actions of the Austin Bomber should be considered Terrorism. Do we have a clue to this #######'s motives yet? Last I heard, he was just a nut. Did he have an agenda beyond seeing how many people he could blow up? Because...
  5. Toxick

    KB Homes

    Too bad they don't have an outlet in Maryland. I'd shop there.
  6. Toxick

    Looking for suggestions

    I haven't been to California/Lexington Park in a brick. What's good to eat down there? I don't mean Applebee's, or Outback or anything fast-food. Somewhere nice. Somewhere I could take a date.
  7. Toxick

    I don't think I could do it...

    Could you spend a weekend in this house with 6 horny supermodels for a hundred billion dollars, The catch is, there's no internet! Is anyone else getting, like super-tired of this crap? Or is it just me?
  8. Toxick

    Prisoner Swap Am I the only one who thinks this is a YUGE effing deal? I heard next to nothing about this anywhere. Seems like it should be a bigger story. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  9. Toxick

    Citizenship by marriage

    I was always led to believe that if you married a citizen, you automatically become a citizen yourself by virtue of that marriage. Presuming that it was a real marriage, and not just a scam to keep one of the parties in the country. How many sit-coms have at least one episode based around...
  10. Toxick

    Piss off Baobao

    I am so sick of hearing about this worthless animal.
  11. Toxick


    I propose this to be the official thread chronicling the SOMD business that crash and burn as a result of A Day Without Immigrants. So - how many of you have lost your businesses and or a critical amount of revenue as a result of todays "strike". It is interesting to note that in my...
  12. Toxick

    Gorsuch criticizes Trumps Tweets :lmao: I agree, damn near every time Trump tweets something, I cringe. However, call me cynical - is this a calculated maneuver in order to get Democrats to look at him more favorably? (Not that it'll work)
  13. Toxick


    Anyone watch? It comes back on tonight. Despite the lackluster season finale, I thought it was a good show and from the trailers it looks like the tempo is about ready to pick up. I sure hope so.
  14. Toxick

    Thank you Captain Obvious Although to give credit where credit is due, I never thought he - or anyone on the left - would acknowledge or admit this, what I think is a...
  15. Toxick

    Linda Freaking McMahon I can hear the cows crowning already.
  16. Toxick

    Dear Intarwebz

    Dear friends on the internets, It is with a heavy heart that I come to you today, now that America has succumbed to every negative emotion that was ever experienced, and we are now under the rule of a satanic axe-murdering insider-trading wife-swapper. I have spent the better part of the...
  17. Toxick

    Hooray for Georgia This should be a law everywhere. ESPECIALLY Southern Maryland.
  18. Toxick

    Wink Martindale

    Just personally told me one of my jokes was funny. :yay: My latest brush with fame.