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    MVA Real ID License Renewal

    Thank you
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    MVA Real ID License Renewal

    My current license expires in 2024. It has the real-id star but is not compliant. Do I just need a document scan? Or a new license?
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    What is my official legal name?

    Middle name spelled out or initial. Suffix or no suffix. Birth certificate me: * Smith * Father's name on my birth certificate: * Smith * Jr Social security card: * Smith * Social security 1099 form: * S * Driver's license: * Smith * 3rd Draft registration card: * Smith * III DD214: * Smith *...
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    Don't forget

    You need to live closer to the equator.
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    MVA Real ID License Renewal

    My Granddaughter and her husband stopped by this morning. He in the Air Force and they came up from N.C so he could renew his drivers license before he deploys. He still has his MD tags and license. They rejected him because he needs something to prove he used to live in MD. Something besides...
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    MVA Real ID License Renewal

    One explanation:
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    New Federal Tax Code

    Fidelity Investments Institutional Operations Co. Which manages my former employer's pension fund, reduced my Federal tax withholdings by 7½%. They do this automatically based on changes to the tax code. I do have the option to adjust it if I wish.
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    New Federal Tax Code

    Looks like the new tax code is going to work good for us old (86) retirees. Fixed income: pension & ss. Other: Small 401K (program started late in my working career), savings interest and stock dividends. 2018: $1330 more adjusted gross and $1202 less federal tax.
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    PNC, new trend in banking???

    How can you get a cashiers check with no tellers? Bought a used car Monday from a new car dealer. The salesman said they limit credit and debit card use to $3000. I got a cashiers check from Bank of America to pay for the car.
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    Leonardtown Man Shot in Chest with Crossbow Flown to Trauma Center

    Maybe it ricochet'd off a couple of walls or the ceiling and a wall before hitting him.
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    Can anyone translate this? Someone put it on an unoccupied house that is on the market. The door is on an airplane hanger on the CRE airport.
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    Leaf management time....

    You could offer to foot the cost of removing the tree. Or, just focus on how much you enjoy the shade in the summer.
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    Charles County approves plastic straw ban

    Pretty much nothing biodegrades in land fills. Excavations have dug up 30 year old phone books that are still perfectly legible.
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    Gas smell

    There is a noise cancelling technology that generates a second noise and the two cancel each other out. I wonder if this is available on an industrial scale? Maybe Dominion can cancel it's own noise.
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    Smeco capital credit refund month

    My bill is $47.52 after the $20.97 capital credit and a $10 credit for using the Coolsentry thermostat.
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    Smeco capital credit refund month

    I got $20.97
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    Lowe's in California

    It's been a few years ago, but the last time I got a key duplicated there it was a self operated machine.
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    Broomes Island Stoney's

    From the Calvert Recorder: Mortgage foreclosure sale of this property on 6/29 at the Calvert County courthouse.
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    EZPass transponders now free in MD

    I only go across the Bay Bridge once, maybe twice a year. So EZPass never made economic sense to me.
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    EZPass transponders now free in MD

    Maryland recently announced they are going to do away with toll takers. Everything will be electronic. If you didn't have an EZPass you would get bill based on your license plate. Kinda like a speed camera. Maybe they have decided to not do the camera thing.