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    RIP Pretty Girl

    So sorry for your loss.
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    Recommend a plumber, please

    I recommend Leo Bean as well. I have been very pleased with the work he has done for me.
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    Thank You

    So sorry for your loss. Cherish the wonderful memories you have made with your Mom.
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    It Was...

    Fortunately moved out fast though!
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    Directv free preview

    Select "Messages" on the top menu bar on your screen. Gives you all the current updates.
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    It was $70 something, like $75.83. She couldn't count the money. Guess people don't use cash anymore.
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    It's everywhere. I bought $70 something worth of stuff at Target. Gave the "not a teenager" cashier a fifty, a twenty and a ten. She couldn't figure out how much I gave her to enter into the register.
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    What happened on the bridge this AM? Bossman was held up for hours...

    It's ugly now. I just got over it after more than an hour wait. One lane is down, they are alternating north/south every 15 minutes or so.
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    Fatal motorcycle accident last night

    I don't normally post but I hope your beautiful granddaughter doesn't inherit your lack of humanity. The Baynet restricts derogatory comments but the comments that you are condenming are about people who care and one day could save your life.
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    Metcom rasing rates again???

    Mine has gone down about $25 since they put in meters. Only fair since I was paying the same for one person as a family of four.
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    It's Been Nearly A Year

    Congratulations!! But I'm sure it was worth the wait, plus all the $$$ you saved by doing a lot of the work yourself.
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    So what did Santa bring you?

    Looks like an awesome kitchen! Good choices!
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    Ovarian Cyst?

    I had a complete removal after my Mom died in 2001 of complications of hormonal replacement therapy. Best decision I ever made! Some lack of hormone symptoms but well worth the worry. She had been prescribed a hormone replacement drug that caused her cancer.
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    re-purposed/refinished furniture

    Oops! Thanks for the correction - glad you knew what I meant!
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    re-purposed/refinished furniture

    You could try Peddler's Paradise in Hollywood. They have some nice pieces of furniture along with other interesting collectibles. It's across from the Moose Lodge.
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    The Tooth Fairy

    My son recently gave his daughter a silver dollar for a lost tooth. She had never seen one and was thrilled because it was special.
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    I Agree With WR

    I hope they catch these guys! I'm sure you feel so violated having strangers in your home. But I am grateful that you shared your experience. I live alone and have a security alarm but had gotten lazy about setting it. I now am much more diligent about protecting my property. Thanks! Good...
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    Sharknado 3 in Washington DC

    Sharknado 3 is hilarious!
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    How much credit card debt do you have?

    No credit card debt - only use it for online shopping and pay off every month. House will be paid off in 17 months! Retirement is good!:cartwheel
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    House Plants on Wood Tables

    Why not go to the Thrift Store and buy some saucers/plates/shallow bowls (china would work great) that compliment your eclectic design, put felt on the bottom and use as trays. Maybe something to blend in with your red glazing ball!