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    What is my official legal name?

    Middle name spelled out or initial. Suffix or no suffix. Birth certificate me: * Smith * Father's name on my birth certificate: * Smith * Jr Social security card: * Smith * Social security 1099 form: * S * Driver's license: * Smith * 3rd Draft registration card: * Smith * III DD214: * Smith *...
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    New Federal Tax Code

    Looks like the new tax code is going to work good for us old (86) retirees. Fixed income: pension & ss. Other: Small 401K (program started late in my working career), savings interest and stock dividends. 2018: $1330 more adjusted gross and $1202 less federal tax.
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    Can anyone translate this? Someone put it on an unoccupied house that is on the market. The door is on an airplane hanger on the CRE airport.
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    Smeco capital credit refund month

    I got $20.97
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    Broomes Island Stoney's

    From the Calvert Recorder: Mortgage foreclosure sale of this property on 6/29 at the Calvert County courthouse.
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    CRE Airplane accident?

    Anybody hear anything about a recent airplane accident at the CRE airport?
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    Confused by the new smoke detector law

    My house in Calvert was built in 1978. It's a single story with basement. When I bought it in 1991, it had one AC powered detector in the hallway outside the three bedrooms. If I understand it correctly, this complied with the federal code but not Maryland code at the time the house was...
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    Broadcast TV

    Anyone looked into this TVSURF antenna? Is there a legal requirement that cable companies broadcast their programming...
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    Weis gas points

    Is the Sheetz in California a Weis points station? If so, how does it work? Do you have to go inside and show or swipe your Weis card?
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    20 year old fire extinguishers

    I have two small 20 year old First Alert extinguishers. The green test buttons on top still pop up. Should I trust them to be ok?
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    Found in the woods

    USMC KA-BAR knife. Is this military issue?
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    Oyster Festival events program

    Is the program available on-line somewhere?
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    ISO Information Chain Downspout

    Anyone have experience with chain downspouts? I have a short gutter along the roof over my front entrance that spills over the end with a heavy rain. It is suppose to drain back to the main gutter along the front of the house. The roof has a valley that pours into the corner of the two gutters...
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    SMECO windfall

    Capital credit refund this Month. $12.07
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    Turn signal laws

    Are turn signals required by law. even when no one needs to be signaled as to what your intentions are? There was an article in the Calvert Recorder about a Deputy pulling over a known drug dealer on Thunderbird Drive in the CRE. The justification for making the stop was, failure to use the...
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    Fishing questions

    My brother likes to bring his bass boat when he comes to visit from Delaware. We have put in Lake Lariat, which is drained down this year. Not possible to put a boat in there this year. I looked a Saint Mary's lake yesterday. Water looked murky. Good fishing possibilities? Allen's Fresh...
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    Got a notice today that my Verizon e-mail will go away in May. As an 84 year old curmudgeon, I hate change. They offer the option to transfer my contacts and my E-mail address to AOL mail. Otherwise I am on my own. I miss how with Outlook Express I could down load my e-mails to my...
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    Nats on MASN Comcast channel 845 freezing

    Having problem with the video freezing. When changing from game to commercial it freezes on the last frame of the game. When going from commercial to game it freezes on the last frame of the commercial. Only happens with Nats games and on the HD channel. It stays frozen until I change channels...
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    On line drivers license renewal

    Just received a MVA e-mail about my license expiring in June. It says I have the option to renew on-line. I'm curious how they handle the picture update.
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    Mens' pants zippers

    I have lost some weight this past year. Being a person who hates to shop for cloths, I packed away clothes that didn't fit anymore maybe 15 years ago. Got out an old pair of Wrangler jeans and what a pleasant surprise the first time I used the zipper for its intended purpose. No more pulling...