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    When The Inertia Runs Out (Russian Navy)

    Yes, a decent article and the last sentence deserves a second look. VGhlIHRoaXJkIGNvbW1lbnQsIDEwIGJhemlsbGlvbiBzb25vYnVveXMgOikgaGVzIHByb2JhYmx5IHNob3J0IGEgZmV3IHJvdW5kcyB0aG91Z2g=
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    Can service members invest in pot companies?

    How did you make that leap? I’m self-employed so no need or desire to test the law.
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    Beto - AR15 Super Powerful Weapon - Wants to Ban NEW Sales

    Every time you and tranny post i want to kill something. Is death by internet automatic or semiautomatic?
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    Keep telling yourself you're free

    I think gramps is a perv. Why would the parents go along with that?
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    Solar Power

    Hmmm, has this created a small surplus or deficit in the recreational column?
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    Can service members invest in pot companies?

    Since case law isnt prevalent yet, I’m sure it will be prosecuted (or not) on a very random basis for the near future.
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    Beto - AR15 Super Powerful Weapon - Wants to Ban NEW Sales

    Safe bet would be that the suck part applies.
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    Solar Power

    Might take a look here, if you haven’t already.
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    Solar Power

    I use a micro vision laser (showwx+) that they stopped making. This will probably be my next choice.
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    Beto - AR15 Super Powerful Weapon - Wants to Ban NEW Sales

    The military precursor ? Because they are so vastly similar in the fact they both can be chambered for the same round? I’d be happy to use up some ammo in .22LR or .17 HMR if you’d be willing to be the test subject showing that neither of these rounds are as effective as the military...
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    Woman Used T-Shirt Cannon To Shoot Drugs Into Prison

    :smack:That image wont go away for awhile.
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    I Learned in College That Admission Has Always Been for Sale

    What a BS article, where do I sign up for the white privilege hand-outs?
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    Chris Wallace shamefully renews narrative that Trump inflames anti-muslim white supremacy.

    But your sentiments mostly apply here in the US. White males are the boogeyman and the media feeds on our fears and tries to multiply them.
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    Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam

    :doh: Another missed opportunity. I knew it was my fault, thanks for pointing out the how.
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    Why I Won't Go On A Cruise

    Funny looking Corona cooler on the deck. Just in case you get to be a live participant in the man overboard drill?
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    Hollywood elite College Cheating Scam

    Now I feel deprived. I never got anything from my alma mater but a piece of paper and a bill 😥
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    Dick’s Sporting Goods to Remove Guns From 125 Stores

    Even though this is a total dick move, again, I do support their right to not want any of my business.
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    Since No One Else Mentioned It...

    1/2 tau day to you :cheers: