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  1. PsyOps

    I have been predicting this for a very long time

    Democrats finally prove what I have always known; that they are the party of infanticide and death of the innocent. Senate blocks bill on medical care for children born alive after attempted abortion Of course, leave it up to the WaPo to mislead readers saying it was the 'Senate' that blocked...
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    I'm annoyed with Trump

    As much as my heart breaks for Californians in these wild fires, they get the government they deserve. Their mismanagement of their forests and water supplies is the very reason for these fires. Trump railed against Brown and the California government for this and threatened to federal dollars...
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    Stop the Hate

    With hate :rolleyes:
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    The migrant paradox

    I watched one of the migrants interviewed and here's what he said: "It's very hard because, the heat from the sun is getting us tired but, we're warriors, and we got to get to the place we got to get. Ya know, we gonna fight. We gonna keep on going. We're not gonna stop." So they are...
  6. PsyOps

    Did you eat glue in the 3rd grade?

    Then you might be the target of the left-wing media. The fact that this even passed news reporting scrutiny is disturbing on its own. We watch a man (Kavanaugh) get raked through the political coals over 35 year old accusations. Now, what you did in the 3rd grade is not only news worthy...
  7. PsyOps

    Promoting more violence

    Eric Holder: 'When they go low, we kick them' This guy used to be the top guy in enforcing the law - promoting violence against political opponents. I'm telling you, these people are terrorists.
  8. PsyOps

    On the verge of becoming terrorists

    So, this article reported this morning about a pickup truck in Washington State set on fire allegedly because it had Trump stickers on it, prompted me to think that the anti-Trump movement - more accurately the radical left - to wonder if they are on the verge of becoming terrorists. Salmon...
  9. PsyOps

    Place your bets

    McConnell said the senate will vote this week on Kavanaugh. What are you betting the GOP will cower again and postpone?
  10. PsyOps

    Hey Transporter

    Trump hails 'historic' trade deal with Canada, Mexico You ignorant POS
  11. PsyOps

    Feeling sorry for Christine

    What the heck is wrong with these people on the left and right feeling sorry for Christine Ford? "We believe something happened to her, but she just has the wrong guy." "I'm sorry you're going through this Dr. Ford" This woman held this story for 35 years, can't remember any key details...
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    As this drama over Kavanaugh's alleged sexual indiscretions goes on, I'm asking myself why these women haven't gone to the local LE to file their complains and let the legal system do it's job. I'm asking why the senate is entertaining any of this in hearings. Why isn't the senate telling...
  13. PsyOps

    She can't fly

    So, it occurred to me that Ford said she can't fly to get to Washington. So, the alternative is to drive. BUUUUUUUUTTTTTT... she fears for her life because of death threats. Wouldn't driving across the country, needing to stay at hotels, stop at gas stations, restaurants... put safety far...
  14. PsyOps

    So let's go through this

    Kavanaugh has his committee hearings He's about to be approved by the senate An 11th hour 35 year old "October surprise" is brought out by Feinstein Feinstein knew about this since July Ford demands to remain anonymous Democrats betray Ford and leak her name So, now Ford was allegedly violated...
  15. PsyOps

    The ultimate feminist...

    ... has cheapened the #metoo movement. Feinstein has decided political games is more important than a feminist movement of making it easier for REAL sexual abuse to come forward. This move by her has cheapened that cause. Which means she doesn't give a damn about it, or women in sexual abuse...
  16. PsyOps

    Trump, that damn racist!

    Trump signs bill to upgrade Martin Luther King's birthplace to national historic park
  17. PsyOps

    Democrats have no shame in violating the rules

    Booker releases secret Kavanaugh emails in defiance of Senate rules, drawing GOP condemnation
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    New info on the Hillary Server scandal

    SOURCES: China Hacked Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server Does it need to be said that this investigation needs to be reopened? The FBI was told about this and did nothing. The Chinese have tens of thousands of some of our highest levels of classified information. The FBI was warned -...
  19. PsyOps

    More Winning!

    2nd quarter GDP up to 4.2%