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  1. Gilligan

    Trump's Fault Too

    He's affecting everyone that way.
  2. Gilligan

    Mass Shooting in New Zealand

    Watching the details come in from this......49 dead and the count keeps rising.
  3. Gilligan

    Southeast Gassers Association

    Anyone see the segment on the Southeast Gassers on Discovery Channel? Moonshiners: Full Throttle Throwdown. Talks are underway to make those races a series...
  4. Gilligan

    More Proposed Gun Legislation

    A good one this time....hope it is passed.
  5. Gilligan

    Is this going to be a thing?

    Latest fashion craze?...or passing fad...
  6. Gilligan

    Another attack by white supremacists

    ..or maybe it was left-wing nut cases...whatever..
  7. Gilligan

    About all those electric cars we should want...
  8. Gilligan

    Why can't we get good TV shows like this one?

  9. Gilligan

    Massive wind turbines require massive ships

    200' turbine blades.....
  10. Gilligan

    UK wind power sets new production record

    Pretty amazing...too bad we don't coastal geography and wind conditions anything like theirs.
  11. Gilligan

    304,000 that a lot of jubs?

    ..sure seems like it to me. :coffee: :oldman:
  12. Gilligan

    One of Sappys buddys

    Oh well. Bye.
  13. Gilligan

    Just as Tranny predicted...

    LOL..OK..mebbe not...
  14. Gilligan

    China a major player in offshore wind now..

    The Chinese sure take "go big or go home" to new levels in anything they decide to do.
  15. Gilligan

    DOJ studies crimes involving guns

    Well how about that? Shocker....
  16. Gilligan

    Ready for some real smow?

    Looks like we could be in for some nasty winter weather...
  17. Gilligan

    Quantum technologies

    Holy carp....
  18. Gilligan

    Big Wind Auction Coming Up

    This will be a biggun'
  19. Gilligan

    About that sea level rising...

  20. Gilligan

    Baltimore Gun Buyback

    I'm dyin' to hear what they paid for the "rocket launcher"...:lmao: