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  1. Dukesdad

    Bluetooth helmet

    I'm hoping Santa brings me one for Christmas. any recommendations for, or warnings against any particular helmet? I'm not looking at spending $500 on one if that narrows it down any.
  2. Dukesdad

    custom drapery

    Any recommendations in St. Mary's?
  3. Dukesdad

    ninja blender

    Anyone have one? How did it work for you?
  4. Dukesdad

    lunch event catering

    I need to set up for a lunch event for 50-60 people. There should be some sort of healthy options as opposed to pizza, or fried chicken. I'm checking Panera, Blue wind and Quality street. Any other options in the Lexington Park to Leonardtown area? I'm kind of a red meat and fried food kind...
  5. Dukesdad

    social security numbers??

    Anyone see the news story last night on 7 about the sheriff's office social security # being released to Ken? :whistle: Who was the dumbazz that let those go out?
  6. Dukesdad

    heating and air company in St. Marys

    If you need one, call one other than Winters...
  7. Dukesdad


    I want to buy a sandblaster but don't know anything about them. I’m interested in blasting rust from metal in preparation for painting. Not huge projects, but it’s for work so I need something durable since once I buy it, the whole organization will want to use it. Anyone knowledgeable enough to...
  8. Dukesdad


    Is back this week. :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. Dukesdad

    riding in the snow.

    Are either of the Darwin candidates I saw riding during the snow last Friday on here? One was a BMW (other than itsbob) and a blue Suzuki? The Suzuki was on the shoulder of St. Andrews with a Deputy behind him. The BMW was pulling on to rt 5 jst south of the tractor supply... What were you...
  10. Dukesdad

    pm issues?

    anyone else having old deleted pms poping back up in your in and sent boxes?
  11. Dukesdad

    lcd projector

    I need to buy 6 lcd projectors and want 1024x768 pixels with 2500 Lumens. I also want them to be able to use jump drives without a computer hooked to them. Any suggestions? I can rent them for ~ $400 per week but at that cost would rather buy if i can stay under about $7-800.
  12. Dukesdad

    WW2 aircraft

    Where in St. Mary's can I find a WW2 aircraft that I can get my motorcycle close enough to get a photo of them side by side?
  13. Dukesdad

    harbor freight motorcycle lift coupon

    anyone have one of these coupons? If so, whats the code on the bottom?
  14. Dukesdad

    recycled rubber muclh

    any idea where to buy it in bulk? Like on the order of a dump truck load not a bunch of bags?
  15. Dukesdad

    zero turn mowers

    I'm looking at commercial mowers Scag, John Deer and Gravely 60" cut, 26-30 hp. Cutting mostly flat ground, a couple steep hills. I have been to JD and Scag dealers and they recomended a JD Z930 and a scag Wildcat. Haven't been to the Gravely dealer. Anyone have these mowers? Anyone care to...
  16. Dukesdad

    60s on Monday

    :yahoo: Ride out for lunch and forget to go back to work?
  17. Dukesdad

    tell me how to do this

    I want to post an email address but want want the text in the post to say something other than the address like click here. How do i do that?
  18. Dukesdad


    :coffee: NUGENT: The time for kitty killing has come - Washington Times
  19. Dukesdad

    Halloween party

    A little late but: A bald man with a wooden leg is invited to a Halloween party .He doesn't know what costume to wear to hide his head and his leg so he writes to a costume company to explain his problem. A few days later, he received a parcel with the following note: Dear Sir, Please...
  20. Dukesdad

    punkin chunkin

    OK, I just spent 3 hours watchin punkin chunkin on science channel...:doh::doh: Now daughter and I are talkin about riding over Sunday. UFB