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    Doggie Doors

    I am thinking about putting a dog door in my metal door for my 70lbs shepherd to be able to go in/out when I am at work or away for a weekend. I would like one that has a locking feature so no critters can get into the house, but she can get out. Does anyone have any suggestions or have...
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    Hannah had a dental appt today

    She had six teeth extracted and seems to be feeling much better. Boy do they bounce back quick! I'm so glad she's feeling better!
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    Extraction of teeth on cat

    I have a cat that I took to the Well Pet Clinic tonight. They did a great job examining her and realized she really needs several teeth extracted as well as a cleaning. I take her to my regular vet on Monday. Does anyone have a ball park figure of how much it will cost? I was thinking of...
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    Brostrom procedure on ankle

    Anyone ever have this done? Have to get it done, going up to Annapolis Sports Medicine. Just wondering if anyone has had this done and how it went for them. Thanks!
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    Help with new cat

    I have four cats of my own, 3 females and one male. All of them are fixed, etc. My roommate brought home another female cat that is very aggressive toward my cats. I'm looking to find her a new home but to no avail yet. My male cat cannot stand her and they fight whenever we let her out of...
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    road in CRE

    Anyone know how the roads are in CRE?
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    belly band for male dog

    I have an Australian shepherd that I just got about a month ago and was looking into getting a belly band for him. Can anyone recommend where to get one and which ones are better? I found some elastic and some velcro...TIA
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    propane oil

    I just bought a house in July and it has a gas oven. The tank looks like a propane tank and the settlement states it is a propane tank. Any recommendations on getting it filled? I'm out and didn't realize it until I tried to make breakfast this am. TIA
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    Update on advise for senior cat

    Hello, I had a thread a few weeks ago about my senior cat peeing outside of the litter box. Just thought I'd send an update out and also say I did decide to adopt a younger cat for my other younger one to play with. Just thought I'd tell everyone I took the top off the litter box & it...
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    advise with senior cat

    UPDATE ON :advise with senior cat Hello Just thought I'd tell everyone I took the top off the litter box & it worked great! My senior cat is no longer peeing outside of the litter box. I also decided to go ahead and adopt another cat. Her name is Socks, she is about 1 1/2 years old and is...
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    medication management

    Hello I have a friend that needs a psychatrist for medication management. She was recommended Dr Venera Miller or Dr. Gergely. Any thoughts/experiences with either of these doctors? TIA
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    Does anyone know if there is anyone in Calvert county selling firewood? I saw some advertised in St Mary's county, but wasn't sure if there was someone in Calvert that I could get some from, since I live in Calvert. TIA
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    My dog has lyme disease

    My dog has just been diagnosed with lymes disease and is on anti-biotics for a month - 8 pills a day. I have heard that it is pretty common down here...have others had much luck with the antibiotics? Thanks :howdy: