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    Bad experience while voting today

    So this morning I go to Berry Elementary to perform my civic duty and vote as I've been doing for the past 25 years. But I did not have a good experience today. As I'm walking to the entrance, I'm approached by a Troy Berry supporter and she offers me a campaign flyer to which I said...
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    Evergreen Disposal Services Problem

    Yesterday an older gentleman was in my neighborhood going door to door attempting to sign people up for a trash removal services. He said his name is 'Ken' and he works for Evergreen Disposal Services. He wanted to know how much I pay for trash removal, to which I replied "That's really...
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    Foo Fighters concert in Waldorf today?

    Anyone know if the Foo Fighters had a concert today 4/13/11 in Waldorf? Heard a band playing Foo Fighter songs in the neighborhood behind my house. It was so loud I felt like I was at the show.......... Had a good time doing yard work.................... :drummer: