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    NASCAR Dixie Volka 400 , Sunday 28 February, 3PM on FOX @ Miami Homestead

    Yep we are getting smaller and smaller every year. Both of them gave me a good run for first place. Although Timmy Hill had a good showing on the road course, heck he finished the entire race, Im going to be dropping him in favor of Kyle Larson on my TeamToyota. Larson was one of my young...
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    NASCAR Daytona 500 Sunday 14 February

    I will be putting in another pick as soon as decide on drivers. Drivers decided. My Team Name will be TEAMTOYOTA 1. Hamlin 2 Ky Busch 3 Truex 4 Bell 5 T Hill The 5th spot could become a rotating spot, depends mostly if Mr. Hill qualifies each week. I'll have like a Taxi Squad/Covid list of...
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    Indian Head Highway

    What a crock.
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    NASCAR Daytona 500 Sunday 14 February

    Just noticed you have 3 picks in this year. Cant catch me with 2 now you are trying with a 3rd one. HAHAHAHA Well 3 bottom finishes for you this year. I may just have to put a 3rd one in myself. Too late to think about it today, but maybe before next weeks race.
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    NASCAR Daytona 500 Sunday 14 February

    Do you have my picks for this year in today's race. Im staying the same for now as I finished last year. Why change when your the defending Champ. I may change one or two picks after the race today depending upon how they finish. That would be on my 4Time Champ picks.
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    It's a smowin'

    Same here, feeder is right outside my dining room window, filled the feeder and the nyiger feeder up yesterday evening, the birds are having a blast, seems they get excited when it snows. I'll add red wing blackbirds to the list of birds that you have listed, I have all the same. Surprising no...
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    Check Your Tickets!

    Ive been a life long Maryland resident and never heard of this place. Must be up near Deep Creek, you could now buy the whole ski lodge up there.
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    NASCAR NASCAR 2021 Fantasy PICKS

    That's great no changes except being 4 time Champ. Maybe after season starts I may drop Blaney if he doesn't perform well. Thanks
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    NASCAR NASCAR 2021 Fantasy PICKS

    Im a older fart, I cant even remember who I had picked last year. If I can find it I'll pick the same drivers same order. But I will also change my one team name to OHC 4TIME CHAMP. Going for number #5.
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    NASCAR Daytona 500 Sunday 14 February

    Well almost time for me to go for my 5th Championship, catch me if you can Homie and Monello. lol Oh not leaving the others out either.
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    Oh great...thanks post office

    That happened to us last week it was postmarked around Dec 15th, it was from Ohio. Looking at this thread it seems like alot of us got late mail postmarked around the middle of Dec. did a bunch of bags of mail from the distribution center in Landover turn up somewhere?
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    Rumor Maybe ?

    Heard Wentworths was closing the Charlotte Hall location in May/June and merging it with their places in Prince Frederick and down 235 in Oraville, and that a Royal Farms was going to be built at the Charlotte Hall location.
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    They must have settled, CBS (WUSA) are back on.
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    Traffic light on Route 5, Bryantown (a question)

    That flashing light was installed when the red light was installed, been there maybe 15-20 years. Like someone has said, if it starts blinking while you are at the flashing light and going 55-60 you can make through in time. If your between Sarasota and the flashing light your not going to...
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    Come on TEGNA and DirecTV workout a contract to continue broadcasting WUSA9, there's going to be a lot of football games that the folks with DirecTV wont be able to see this weekend.
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    McKay's in California

    It still does.
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    McKay's in California

    Excellent question, next time I see Tommy in the Charlotte Hall store Im going to ask him. Ive seen him in the past year standing out in the property with another person walking around and looking. Since they cleared that lot of several years ago, there's a drainage pond to the rear of the...
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    NASCAR Season Finale 500 , Sunday 8 November 3PM @ Phoenix Raceway

    First of all I would like to thank everyone who made this championship possible , especially my sponsors, my pit crew, my family and everyone else. Im only 3 behind Jimmy, Dale Sr, and Richard. If I had another week or two I could have caught Monello for 2nd place. At least I passed you...
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    NASCAR Season Finale 500 , Sunday 8 November 3PM @ Phoenix Raceway

    Folks I no nothing about NASCAR, but I saw last week that there was a T Hill in the truck race and then a T Hill in the Xfinity race and then I know he races on Sunday is that the same T Hilll in the truck race as the T Hill in the 66 car on Sundays. Oh by the way if I don't win tomorrow my...
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    Route 231 WB

    Accident entrance to Benedict. Thats the 3rd accident today from around Barney Dr. down to the bridge.