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  1. Salmon

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not dead—no matter what conspiracy theorists say

    I see these nut jobs on twitter. They suggest that Ginsburg is already dead. Deplorables.
  2. Salmon

    Beer Prices Could Double Because Of Climate Change, Study Says

    Maybe this will get RWNJs to care about climate change.
  3. Salmon

    Climate Change Will Have Dire Health Consequences

    Climate change deniers are dangerous people.. Here are six ways that climate change might affect you, whether it's insect-borne disease or Type 2 diabetes: 1. Contaminated water sources and dangerous bacterial infections 2. An increase in mental health issues 3. An increase in Type...
  4. Salmon

    Study gives depressing look at how climate change puts Americans’ mental health at risk

    Climate deniers are terrorists.
  5. Salmon

    NFL owners need to stop making excuses and give Colin Kaepernick a chance

    Good read. This charade has gone on long enough. He needs to be on a team NOW.
  6. Salmon

    As other governments cover sex reassignment, Anne Arundel County considers it elective

    Intolerance from a Republican County Executive.
  7. Salmon

    Would Democratic Socialism Really Threaten Minorities?

    The short answer is no Adora Svitak of Berkley, California summed it up in 2 paragraphs. It reads in part “More importantly, he seems not to realize that other options besides buying things exist. He presents a false dichotomy between dystopian majority control and “free” markets. But there...
  8. Salmon

    Chicago police confronted over Nike “bait truck” left to target black youth

    This BS strains relations between the police and the community. They would never pull this stunt in a majority white neighborhood. #whiteprivilege #racism
  9. Salmon

    New Prosecutor in Ferguson

    Maybe Mr. Bell can re-examine police brutality cases that he predecessor ignored. #handsupdontshoot #michealbrown #endpolicemisconduct