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    Rumor Maybe ?

    Heard Wentworths was closing the Charlotte Hall location in May/June and merging it with their places in Prince Frederick and down 235 in Oraville, and that a Royal Farms was going to be built at the Charlotte Hall location.
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    Come on TEGNA and DirecTV workout a contract to continue broadcasting WUSA9, there's going to be a lot of football games that the folks with DirecTV wont be able to see this weekend.
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    Acupuncturist in SMd.

    Anyone know of a certified acupuncturist practicing in the Tri-county area?
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    Travel Question

    How far and how long does it take to go between Hagerstown and Cumberland Md on 68, and how long from Cumberland to Morgantown Wva. on 68. Taking road trip out across WVA, to a funeral. At least the weather looks nice this weekend, don't want to hit a snowstorm going through Western Maryland...
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    Where's last weeks race.

    Cant find this past weekends race thread July 28th. I be getting old and confused.
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    Bad Accident (Hughesville)

    Accident at Leonardtown and Gallant Green Rd. Five vehicles, 3 people to trauma centers, 1 by air 2 by ground. Northbound lanes shutdown. Possible reconstruction so could be closed for awhile. Time now is 830am happened at 730am.
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    Old Line Restaurant and Pub

    Opened for business yesterday. The owners put a lot of work into fixing the place up after the fire, when it was the Steak in a Sack. Take it easy on them, there's going to be growing pains. They open for lunch at 1130 am. week days Tuesday -Friday. Closed on Mondays.
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    A/C Repair

    Any recommendations for a good A/C person in the St. Mary's, Calvert or Charles area. A/C was working overnight went to doctors appt. this morning, gone about 4 hours and it has stopped. Already checked the breaker its OK.
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    Tractor Supply, Charlotte Hall

    According to todays County Times, Tractor Supply and traffic circle coming to Mt. Wolfe Road. Tractor Supply to be right behind WaWa. Already a done deal with planning folks. Parlett is going to help get a circle on Mt Wolfe with exit from WaWa and Triangle Drive.
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    Old Post's

    Anyone else getting tons of old threads showing up? What's up.
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    Margaret Brent School Out of Control?

    Would love to hear from others about all the bullying that takes place here. The administration here seems to want to brush everything under the rug. I have heard numerous complaints from family and friends who have kids there who have had problems. I also understand (from very reliable sources...
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    WOW No Snow Thread

    With all the other happenings yesterday nobody has mentioned our biggest snow of the year. It's snowing cats and dogs here in Charlotte Hall this morning, wasn't much at 8am, but since then about 2 1/2 hours later I'm guessing looking out the window its about 3 inches. Everything is coated...
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    Happening Now Hollywood Accident

    Bad accident in front of Hollywood Rescue Squad involving I believe an ambulance from Hollywood and a State Trooper. There appears to be several injuries.
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    Anyone know of a really good Acupuncturist in the Southern Maryland area.
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    I'm getting to be a old fart and can't remember things, but did I see somewhere along the road about a auction coming up in Oakville in the very near furure? I know about all the Farrell auctions and the quilt auction and the one's held at the Parlett farm, but thought I saw something about a...
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    Getting Rid of Bats

    I may have bats in my attic. While cleaning the vinyl siding and when the water hit the end vent a bat came flying out, don't know if it was just up in louvers of the vent or somehow the vent screen has come off. Don't want to open the attic door and get hit by a bunch of bats. Is there...
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    Hot Tub Repair

    Any suggestions who to call in the Tri-County area for service.
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    Vascular Surgeon/Doctor

    Old Hillcrest Guy is in search of the best Vascular doctor in the area, which includes the entire DMV. It can be the Tri-County area or DC/Baltimore. I have suffered through nerve pain in the leg for over 7 years now. Two laminectomies and the implant of a spinal cord simulator last August...
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    Identify a Bird

    I'm usually pretty good about different types of birds, but I have had a visitor at my feeder the past couple of days that's mostly black and on his wing there is red area, I'm thinking redwing black bird. Today I got a closer look, and after the red area there is a big yellow stripe next to...
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    Now that they have bloomed, can you cut them back to the ground.?